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2016-2017 Utah Green Schools Portfolio Form
Please complete the 2016-2017 Utah Green Schools Application prior to filling out this form. Apply here if you have not done so already:

Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge/ability. There are 45 multiple choice items total starting in Section 3.

You may submit and work on the form throughout the school year until the Portfolio deadline on April 30, 2017. At that time, access to the form will be closed, and the Utah Green Schools Steering Committee will review the results. This is an extensive list of ways to continue to build on sustainability efforts in your school. It is not expected that you will be able to complete every item. Instead, it was developed to offer ideas, encourage sustainable practices, and give schools the opportunity to continue to build on previous years' efforts.

Instructions for editing your Portfolio Form over time:
1) Fill out the form with as much information as you are ready to (can be as little as your name).
2) Right after you submit the form, it will give you a confirmation message.
3) Click on "Edit your response." It will take you back into your specific form.
4) Copy the URL for that form. That is the URL for your specific form with anything you've already entered. You can use this URL to share with others to make additions and/or changes. You would just need to be careful about overwriting someone else's entry and vice versa.
5) Save that URL in a safe place, so you can use it again to make edits to the form over time.

The URL that is generated after you "Edit your response" is different from the URL for the form prior to that. If you try to use the URL to the form prior to going into "Edit your response," it would just take you back to a blank form, and a new submission would be generated.

Every school that completes the process, to whatever extent possible with best effort, will be recognized as a Utah Green School. The end result will serve as a benchmark for each school to build on from year to year, and not as a comparison to other schools.

We strongly encourage networking with other Utah Green Schools. We now have our Networking Map up on our website. Please fill out the Networking Map Form to be included on the map at:

Schools will be notified of their Utah Green Schools status and the appropriate banners and yearly hangers along with certificates will be given out prior to the end of the school year.

Please note that since this is our pilot year with this particular portfolio framework, we will be waiting to see how the points work out before committing to any point structure. The numbers given in parenthesis are guidelines at this point, but may not reflect the actual end result through the review process.

Please contact Jackie Lowry at or 970-389-0743, if you have any questions.

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