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CCK: MARCH Mandatory Declaration for Parents
Dear Parents,

MOE updated press release (19th March):

As the situation continues to evolve with new regulations, we seek everyone's understanding in the following.

TWP Requirement at ALL times:

Student should NOT attend TWP classes for the stipulated 14-Day period if
- child or any household member has traveled on or after 14th March
- at any time, child or any household member has been issued a Stay-Home Notice / Quarantine Order

We seek all parents to promptly update our school where necessary.

Please be assured that special make-up lessons will be offered for those affected, including children who did not travel but whose household members did.

We aim to support all our students who might be affected in one way or another to the best of our abilities.
Rest assured that The Writer's Place is committed to being vigilant and enforcing stringent measures.

Best Regards
The Writer's Place (CCK)


最新!卫生部 2020年3月15日发的旅游通告:

由于COVID-19 (新冠肺炎) 的情况一直在转变, 新的规定一直在发展与改变. 我们真心诚意的寻求大家对以下的体谅:

The Writer's Place 无时无刻的需求:

• 学生不可以在规定的 14 天内来我校上课如果;

- 学生或学生有家庭成员在 3 月 14 日起与之后出国

- 在任何时间, 学生或家庭成员有被政府卫生部发强制性的 “居家留守通知” / 隔离责令

我们寻求所有家长在必要时及时准确的通知我校 - The Writer's Place

也请各位家长放心, TWP 会保证为所有受影响的学生们安排特别补课.
我们旨权利协助在各方面所受影响的学生们. 请放心, TWP 并保持警惕并采取严格措施来防备 COVID-19.

The Writer's Place (CCK)上
1. Child's Full Name / 学生名 (e.g. Tan Xiao Mei) *
2. Child's Level at The Writer's Place / 学生年级 *
3. Day of Lesson at The Writer's Place / 学生课日 *
4. Are there any household members issued with Ministry of Health's Stay-Home Notice (SHN) / Quarantine Order (QO)? / 学生或任何家庭成员是否目前在卫生部强制性的“居家留守通知”下? *
5. Has the student or any household member come into contact with a confirmed/suspected COVID-19 case in the last 14 days? / 在过去的14天内,学生或同一个家庭的任何家庭成员是否接触过确诊或疑似COVID-19的病例? *
6a. Did the student or any household member travel out of Singapore and return on or after 14th March? 至3 月 14 日起, 学生或同一个家庭的任何家庭成员是否有出到国并且返回我国? *
6b. If yes, please indicate the date of return to Singapore. 如果有, 请立下回国(新加坡)日期:
Name of Parent / Guardian 父母/监护人姓名 *
Parent / Guardian Contact Number / 父母/监护人联络号码 *
Parent / Guardian Email 电邮地址 *
I confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate. / 我确认此表格中提供的資料是真实,完整和准确的。 *
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