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3-Day Permaculture Experience May 17th - 19th REGISTRATION FORM
The 3-Day Permaculture Experience will host registered guests for three days of learning. The action-oriented workshop will address natural building methods, soil health, water design, planting techniques, edible food forests, container gardening, systems design, and much more. The complete immersion event includes prepared meals, camping, evening discussions and a dynamic learning environment with optional morning practices and Native American ceremony. .

Participants who have paid and registered are eligible for volunteer opportunities during Summer Camp Music Festival; May 21st-24th. Please email for more information.
The cost for participation is $333
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The 3-Day Experience will be hosted at 7 Circles Heritage Center (Edwards, IL 20 minutes from Summer Camp Music Festival grounds) with field trips to SOULPATCH. Will you be driving your vehicle to 7 Circles Native American Heritage Center? *
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If you have anymore questions, please let us know! You can also email us at - we will be in touch with you in the days prior to the event!
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