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Digital and interactive open educational resources
The Center LEARN has launched a project, with support from a foundation, to create around ten interactive digital learning resources per year to facilitate the digital transition in secondary education. An initial call for proposals is open to any teacher who needs a digital resource for science, mathematics, computational thinking or creative activities. Such a resource may take the form of a simulation of a physical phenomenon difficult to grasp with traditional means or an interactive visualization tool. Only resources that are not available on public platforms such as PhET, GeoGebra or SketchFab will be considered. The first annual call is open until October 15, 2020. Teachers who submit a proposal must commit to collaborate with EPFL during its design and to validate it in their classrooms once developed. A public selection will be organized in July to determine the best proposals that will be useful to the larger number of people. Those whose proposals are selected will receive a bonus of 1,000 CHF for their involvement in the design and validation.

The resources that will be developed will be freely distributed with a creative commons (BY-NC) license.

The information collected will only be used for this project. The title, description of the resource and the name of the person who made the proposal will be published for the public selection that will take place in November 2020. If you have any questions, please contact
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