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We would like to welcome you to the first annual session of MUN Besiktas! We hope that you will have a splendid time at our conference. You are only one form away from joining us on 26-29th of October.
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We would like you to assume that you are the president chair of the committee while you are evaluating the situation for that question. Your Deputy Chair is consistently going out of the committee during the sessions. At the end of the day, Secretary General comes to the committee when your co chair was in the commitee during his moderation and he says that he would like to talk with you special. He complains about some inappropirate action made by your deputy chair directed to a delegate of the GA 1 , during the committee sessions when he is out. He would like you to explain what happened and why didn’t you inform the secretariat about that situation. How will you handle the situation? Evaluate your responses as you are standing in front of the Secretary General.
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Chair Question
This section is subjected to the preference. You are just compelled to provide the neccesary response to the committee questions specified to your first committee preference respectively.
The Committee Questions for GA and OSCE
Let’s assume that you have finished the both of the agenda items 2 session before the conference ends. What orders you give or how will you moderate the committee?
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The Committee Question for National 9/11 Commision 2002
Illusturate the first action that a USA delegate might take in NATO immediately after there has been an attack directed to Pentagon in 2001. Write a sample directive regarding that issue.
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The Committee Question for United Nations Security Council
If 6 Abstention , 7 infavour , 2 Against votes have been counted in a substantive voting process how will you proceed in order to handle the situation?
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The Committee Question for JCC: Spanish Civil War
If the republicans won the war, What would be the scenario excluding the status of being stalemate?
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