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Worker Share Application 2020
Here at Wellspring, we believe that a big part of healthy living resides in the process of growing food. It is our primary mission to educate and involve the community in the experience of producing their own food. Our worker share program caters to that need of integrating vital skills to our members, while supplying them with wholesome, organic produce.
This allows the ability to interact with our landbase, foster personal relationships with farmers, develop a stronger root system within our community, and nurture the processes that are nurturing us.

A limited number of individuals may elect to learn even more about farming and organic food production by investing 4 hours each week during the 20 week growing season. In exchange, those participants will receive a 3/4 bushel box packed with our organic produce every week. This is the equivalent to a full share. We offer workershares a standard CSA box or access to our seconds but in a lot larger amounts.

The program runs from June 10th through October 21st.

Participants must be hardworking, punctual, able to consistently attend, and be able to have fun.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to

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1. Are you able to commit to 4 hours EACH week from June 11th until October 21st? *
2. Worker shares are typically scheduled to be on the farm on Wednesdays every week throughout the CSA season. This year have included a Saturday market shift at the West Bend Farmers Market. Which Shift would you be interested in? *
3. What shift are you available on Wednesdays? *
4. If you cannot attend these shifts, what is your availability?
5. Do you have any limitations that would prevent you from being able to carry out necessary physical tasks? Physical demands include kneeling for a prolonged period of time, lifting full CSA boxes, pulling carts of vegetables, packing CSA boxes, harvesting using sharp tools, and weeding? *
6. Are you aware that this role includes sometimes working in extreme heat, cold, or rain and you are still needed in these circumstances? *
7. Do you have any vacations or planned time off June 11th through October 21st where we would need to adjust your schedule to potentially include longer days or a couple times in one week? If yes, what dates would need adjusting? *
8. Do you have any previous experience in weeding, harvesting, pest management, washing produce, and packing produce? If so what? *
9. We typically demonstrate how to do tasks while explaining. How do you best learn and is there anything we should know about your learning style and your comfort in this approach to the tasks that you will be completing? *
10. Do you recognize that the worker share arrangement in no way implies employment or a financial remuneration for time doing tasks or for missed shares? *
Anything else we should know?
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