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Vehicle camping
So... you need your car/bus/van/rv at your campsite? Did you know that we discourage sleeping in cars, parking next to your camp and, running your vehicle inside while at your camp? We also encourage you to cover your vehicle.. no one wants to camp in a parking lot! Do you have a special question or concern about putting your vehicle in regular parking? If so, contact
Why do you need your vehicle at your campsite? *
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There will be some areas that you will not be able to vehicle camp.. are you prepared to deal with that *
Is your vehicle *
If you are part of a theme camp, what is the camp name? *
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Are you aware that we encourage you to cover your vehicle if it is in your camp? *
Will you be covering your vehicle in some way to make it look less like a vehicle parked in your camp? *
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Have you read the survival guide? *
Do you understand that the trees are very important to the land owner and are you prepared to protect them from your vehicle? *
Do you know that it is unsafe to have the exhaust of your vehicle next to a tent or rv ventilation system? *
Do you understand that once your vehicle is parked, you can not move it? *
Do you know that running your vehicle's engine for durations longer than 1 minute after parking is not permitted in the camping area? *
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