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World Tour '18 Trip Leader Application
Trip Leaders are the real World Tour heroes. Responsible for one specific country, they organize every aspect of their Tour leg and lead participants through their country itinerary while on location. Leading a country trip is the best way to take initiative for your classmates, contribute to making your pre-MBA travel plans as fun and smooth as possible, and get to know a number of your fellow classmates along the way.

Trip Leaders must:

(1) Be willing to devote some of their free time on a consistent basis from now through April to planning and preparing for their country leg.

(2) Research, identify, and select hotels, entertainment, activities, meals, in-country travel, and other logistics in order to create a detailed itinerary and budget. The Central Committee will provide you with a guide and assistance.

(3) Provide regular updates to the Central Committee liaison and meet certain deadlines for budget and itinerary planning.

(4) Attend your entire country leg and participate in the chosen activities.

(5) Coordinate with all Trip Leaders within your Region in regards to transportation amongst countries, as well as creating a seamless itinerary throughout the Region. You are responsible for coordinating reception of participants at the beginning of your leg as well as with the next Trip Leader on the Tour to ensure a smooth transition for all.

(6) If possible, seek out and engage with local CBS Alumni or incoming students in your country.

(7) Handle cash collection from all country participants.

(8) Advise participants on visa requirements, including the relevant application website(s) and application deadlines.

(9) If desired, appoint one or two Country Co-Leaders to help you organize your leg of the tour and manage participants in your country.

(10) Keep all participants updated through your chosen communication medium and ensure that everyone has access to it.


We will get back to you as soon as we can about the position!

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Below are the list of Regions that will be included on the World Tour and a list of potential countries within each. The timeframes listed for each region are estimates and subject to change.

South/Central America (early to mid May)
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Colombia
- Peru
- Chile
- El Salvador
- Costa Rica

Australia/Southeast Asia (late May to early June)
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Thailand
- Singapore
- Fiji
- Vietnam
- Cambodia

Asia (June)
- Japan
- China
- South Korea
- India

Europe (late June to early July)
- France
- Spain
- Portugal
- Italy
- Germany
- UK
- Greece
- Turkey
- Netherlands
- Iceland
- Russia
- Switzerland
- Yacht Week (if you are interested in joining the planning committee for Yacht Week, please email Rohan at

Africa/Middle East (mid to late July)
- South Africa
- Zanzibar
- Kenya
- Mauritius
- United Arab Emirates
- Tanzania
- Morocco

North America (August)
- Mexico
- Canada
- Hamptons Week (if you are interested in joining the planning committee for Hamptons Week, please email Sean at

Please pick two countries (first choice and second choice) that you would want to lead from the above options. If your preferred country is not listed, please say (Other) and your preferred country.
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Please explain your reasoning or excitement for wanting to lead the countries you listed above. *
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Does the timeframe stated for your chosen region work for your schedule? If not, please state a timeframe that you would prefer. *
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Would you be interested in serving as the Central Committee liaison for the Trip Leaders in your Region? *
Essentially, you will be the point person for your Region. You will coordinate with the other Trip Leaders within your Region and provide crucial updates to the Central Committee, taking on an even greater leadership role within the World Tour. Your answer here will not affect the outcome of your application as a Trip Leader.
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