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NCIFT Travel Grant Application: IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo 2023
DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 09, 2023
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NCIFT will award travel assistance grants to students attending the 2023 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, as funds permit.

Applicants will be selected on the basis of activity in organizations such as the department Food Science Club, NCIFT (including subsections CVIFT, MBIFT, or SJIFT), and IFT.  The level of activity will result in a ranking of the students interested in going to the meeting.  Your faculty club advisor will determine the ranking of the students and will make recommendations to NCIFT Travel Grants Committee.

The deadline to submit your application to your is June 9th.

Some activities to include are fundraisers, being a club officer, attendance at NCIFT/CVIFT/MBIFT/SJIFT functions and volunteering at those functions, and participation in IFT Student Division activities.

To receive a travel grant, awardees must be student members of NCIFT.
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Note any sources to which you have applied for funding to this meeting: *
Briefly describe your involvement in the Dept. Food Science and Nutrition Club, NCIFT/SJIFTMBIFT/CVIFT, and National IFT.  Are you an officer?  Which office?  What other offices have you served in the student club?  When did you serve in these offices?  If not an officer, in what ways have you been involved in the Food Science Club, NCIFT/SJIFTMBIFT/CVIFT, or National IFT? *
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