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Theatre Masquerade Ball RSVP
Company 157 is hosting it's first Phantom of the Opera inspired Masquerade Ball!

The event will be held at The Che Cafe on Sunday, Feb 3 from 8-10pm.
Come enjoy the snacks, music, company, and enchantment! Disco ball and photo booth will be there to enhance the fun!
All members and friends of the UCSD Theatre community are welcome!

Semi-Formal with Masks is the encouraged dress code, it is NOT required! You're company and enjoyment is all you need to bring!

We want this to be a SAFE night of fun and fantasy, please DO NOT do anything to get Company 157 or The Che Cafe in trouble for hosting this wonderful event. We encourage the highest of conduct at such a classy event, which means no substances, violence, or hate behavior will be tolerated. What mischief you conduct off campus on your own time after the event is your business, but please leave it out of our event. We'd like to host more events like this in the future, so please don't ruin our efforts.

We hope you come and enjoy the event!
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