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Beltane 2019 Cabin Signup
Please coordinate with who you wish to share a cabin with. Once all members of your group have pre-regged, you will be assigned a cabin. Small groups may end up sharing a cabin with others, but I will contact you to make sure there are no issues with assignments before finalizing.
Please open separately/zoom in if you cannot make out cabin numbers.
Name your Group! *
How many are in your group? *
Please list the members of your group (first and last names, comma separated) *
Please give the contact emails for your group, comma separated, preferably in the same order as the names. *
Please list any special accommodations that may be required for medical purposes.
If you have a cabin preference, please rank your preferences below:
Field cabins (1-5)
Bridge cabins (9-11)
Offset cabins (7,8,12,13)
Lonely cabins (14,15)
Really big, roomy, out of the way and definitely not a murder house cabin (16)
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
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