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Parent Survey 2019
Le Mars Community School District is participating in a needs assessment survey aimed at school improvement. As a key stakeholder in our school system, we would like to solicit your input.

The survey asks questions about your beliefs related to student learning and school culture. Results of this survey will be used to assess our district strengths and areas of needed improvement. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and the survey methods have been created so that it will not be possible to identify individual responses with individual people. The average time to complete the survey is 10 - 15 minutes.

What building do your children attend? Check all that apply. *
Years living in Le Mars
Highest level of education
I have opportunities to give suggestions about school issues
I have a clear understanding of what is expected of students
The administration is fair with students
The administration is available if students need help
Teachers are fair with students
Teachers are available if students need help
Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning
Students are safe at school
Rules for students are clear and reasonable
Rules are enforced in a consistent and fair manner
Schools provide adequate information about student progress
Students are recognized for success
There is an adequate degree of parent and/or community involvement in our schools
The schools work with families and students for them to obtain needed programs and services.
I am satisfied with my student's reading achievement
I am satisfied with my student's math achievement
I am satisfied with my student's science knowledge and skills
I am satisfied with my student's knowledge of health and safety
I am satisfied with my student's knowledge of social studies
I am satisfied with my student's music skills
I am satisfied with my student's art skills
I am satisfied with my student's vocational and/or career skills
Our school's athletic and activity programs provide students with opportunities to grow and be successful.
Teachers use more than just lecture as a method to teach
The curriculum challenges my student
What students are being asked to learn is relevant and purposeful
Extra help is available to students who are having difficulty
Problems with other students' discipline do NOT interfere with my student's learning
Students are expected to complete a reasonable number of assignments outside of class time
The number of students per classroom is appropriate
The schools and teachers communicate regularly with me about my student and school happenings
Textbooks and other instructional materials are up to date
Technology is used to support learning in the classrooms
The school facilities are adequate to support learning
Guidance counseling services satisfactorily support my student's learning and well-being
Parents/guardians are encouraged to become and remain involved with student learning
Student achievement is adequately assessed and reported
The overall quality of Le Mars Community Schools is very good
Please list the one aspect of our school that you think is the most positive.
Your answer
Please list the one aspect of our school that you think is most in need of improvement.
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