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(台中)IM 2019 Spring Class春季課程線上報名-Pop Singing 流行歌唱
全新課程即將在 1月5日 開班囉!!
羨慕電視上的歐美大明星站在舞台上充滿氣勢的呈現精湛的舞步及歌聲嗎?想要接受Rihanna、Beyoncé 等歐美歌手所受之專業英文歌唱風格及基本功技巧訓練嗎?跟著國際音樂總監及紐約編舞大師學習正統的歌唱訓練、嘻哈與爵士舞蹈, 奠定扎實基礎,成為全方位唱跳巨星!

- 基礎發聲法、流行音樂特殊演唱技巧( 正確發聲法、口型講解,流行音樂咬字,讓聲音飽滿有特色、靈活運用聲音的表情)
- 手持式麥克風、站立式麥克風使用技巧
- 聲音與舞台肢體表達

- 歌曲詮釋方式 (畫面建構、情感投射、角色塑造、歌曲/詞分析、節奏掌握)

- 流行爵士舞及嘻哈舞結合歌曲編排

想知道如何成功舉辦一場 個人演唱會?了解與觀眾互動的小細節?
馬上報名!被譽為 “超級巨星速成” 的流行歌唱班!

IM 堅持 小班教學 品質!


開課時段 Class Schedule
2019 春季班
POP Singing Kids l 兒童班7-14歲

Sat 18:15-19:45

6人開班 / 10人滿班 *1/5開班

課程收費 Class Fee

Kids 兒童組 age 6-7、7-14

原價 $17,000

授課老師介紹 Teacher Bio
Faron Swingler



長期指導布里斯本音樂劇院,曾參與編劇的音樂劇:”Seussical”、”吸血鬼家族”、”Avenue Q”Q大道,並在澳洲”鳳凰樂團”擔任鋼琴伴奏,鳳凰劇院”婚禮歌手”的音樂指導。

Faron Swingler developed a love for music at a young age, learning the piano at the age of 5, the violin at the age of 8, the guitar at the age of 10 and finally drums and percussion at the age of 12. After completing his Bachelor Of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium and his Masters Of Music at UQ, he is currently spending 2017 preparing for his Doctor Of Philosophy.

Swingler's musical theatre credits include Seussical, The Addams Family, Avenue Q (Brisbane Arts Theatre), Beauty And The Beast, Blood Brothers (Beenleigh Theatre Group) and The Wedding Singer (Phoenix Ensemble) as well as the Queensland Cabaret Festival.

Swingler is also an accomplished performer as a pianist and guitarist having performed in his native Australia as well as Hong Kong, China and the United States and is also an accomplished composer having his debut song cycle "Thank For You Tomorrow", receiving it's world premiere at the Brisbane Arts Theatre in 2016.

授課老師介紹 Teacher Bio
Carson Reiners

Carson Reiners is a NYC choreographer/ teacher/ and performing artist who has worked in the USA and internationally for the last fifteen years in dance and theatre. She has been honored with numerous awards and residencies and her work has been commissioned for both dance and theatre. Her work has been shown extensively in NYC and Chicago where she has been based for the past several years. Prior to that worked on several international productions in Europe, India, Peru, Israel, and South Africa. She also has collaborated on several works where she teamed up with recognized musicians and visual artists. She attended CODARTS in Holland, and holds a BFA from the Anton Bruckner Universitat in Austria, as well as continuing studies in Biology and sports medicine. She has shared her love for dance to students throughout the USA and abroad and holds a firm belief and love that any student who walks through her doors, is her student and her responsibility from that day onward.

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