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PTO Enhancement Grant Request: 2018-2019
Please use this form to provide details regarding your request for PTO Enhancement Grant funds. A PTO Enhancement Grant should (1) enhance existing programs and facilities at AAS, (2) be consistent with AAS goals and philosophy, (3) be practical and feasible and (4) not cover items included in the school budget.

Deadline for submission is October, 18, 2018.

If you have questions, please contact:

Applicant / Project Leader
Name *
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Email *
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Project / Item Description
Please provide details about the project you are proposing.
Description *
Outline your project as precisely as possible. How will it enhance existing programs and facilities? How is it consistent with the AAS Mission statement?
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Target Community *
Who in the AAS community will benefit from your project? Ie, whole community, middle school students, high school faculty, one particular class, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
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Choices *
Explain why and how you chose the particulars of your project, i.e., brand, supplier, speaker or workshop, etc.
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How will your project positively impact the AAS community? *
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Projected Total Cost *
Outline exactly what is included in this estimate (for example: material cost, outside consultants, airfare, honorarium for visiting expert, etc). Include your source of information. Cost of items that will be purchased should be checked with AAS Purchasing - Ilya Fateev (
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Where will your grant proposal item be purchased? *
Proposed start date *
When will the project begin ?
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Estimated set up or lead time *
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Measuring Success
Success Criteria *
Is it possible to measure the end result of your project? If so, how?
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Your "Elevator Pitch"
How would you sell your proposal to the PTO Membership and the AAS Community? *
Please write a brief (max 150 word) description of your project. This will be published in the AAS newsletters to inform the AAS community about your proposal, prior to the voting on proposals. Be convincing - don't forget that your proposal might be one of many being considered. Why should the PTO Membership vote to fund YOUR proposal?
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