Beta: GA Google Display Network Impression Reporting Whitelist

We have streamlined the process to activate this beta!

** Please reach out to your Google Sales account manager or Google Analytics 360 account manager to request access to this feature. **

Please see the pre-requisites for this feature here:

Note: This is a limited beta. We will try our best to cover your requests.

The value of display and YouTube advertising extends well beyond the click as impressions and video views can help to drive incremental conversions for the customer. This feature will allow advertisers using Google Analytics to see exactly where their marketing campaigns reached customers on their journey to purchase.

Please note that the Google Analytics Premium SLAs exclude Alpha and Beta features. Access to Alphas and Betas is granted without a commitment of support from Google and with the expectation that you will provide user feedback on the feature. When applicable, we advise you to enable features that affect data storage and processing on non-business-critical views/properties only. Completing this form will be considered a request to have your Google Analytics user account enabled for the feature.

Google Analytics - Product Operations Group

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