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Faith Christian Academy Athletic Covenant
The commitment to athletics at Faith Christian Academy is a significant one! It involves not only the student-athlete, but also their family. It is our desire that it is a positive, educational experience for our student athletes. The purpose of the Athletic Covenant is to clearly communicate our expectations for student athletes and their families.

Appropriate Behavior. Please do:
- Cheer positively and support your student athlete and their team.
- Communicate directly with your coach about concerns related to the mental or physical treatment of your student athlete.
- Talk to your child’s coach about ways your student athlete can improve.
- Make practice and games a priority, and communicate with coach concerning rare absences.
- Speak directly to your coach about any of the above concerns. The athletic director’s presence may be requested at a meeting. We will follow Biblical patterns for our meetings. See Family Handbook ‘Grievance Procedure’.

Inappropriate Behavior. Please do not:
- Attempt to speak/communicate with a coach directly after practice or games about something negative. This can be an emotionally charged time that is not conducive to finding the appropriate solution if there are issues. It is best to observe the ‘24 Hour Rule’ - wait 24 hrs until after a contest/practice to speak with a coach.
- Talk negatively to your child’s coach about other athletes.
- Talk to your coach about your child’s playing time, especially in comparison to other players.
- Criticize a coach concerning their coaching philosophy and/or game strategy/techniques.
- Behave negatively toward our opponents (includes booing, or cheering when our opponents are called for violations or make mistakes)
- Belittle or badger referees

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I understand and agree to the FCA athletic covenant and athletic handbook (found at I understand that student or parent behavior that violates the athletic covenant could be grounds for dismissal from a team. I understand that there are risks associated with physical activity, and give full permission for my child to participate.
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