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Youth Organizer Summit Application 2017
READ THIS before applying:

This is a 3 page application for the Youth Organizer Summit with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. The Summit will be Friday through Monday, August 25-28th. If you fly into Anchorage from a different area, you may need to plan for an additional day of travel on either end of the Summit.

This first page is short answers, the second page is paragraph answers, the last page is check-boxes. Unfortunately you can NOT save your application once you start. (hint- if you want to *preview* all the questions, before you get started, just put in answers like "dslkjf" to required (*) questions and jump to the next page.

Deadline: Monday, July 17th. Early applications are appreciated.

Contact Allison if you have any problems or questions, 907-362-7739,

Looking for the trainer application? Go to this form:

Thanks for your interest!

AYEA 2017 Youth Organizing Summit. Chugiak. AK
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Mentor Nomination (not required)
We strongly encourage you to ask one of your mentors to fill out the online nomination form as part of your application to the summit. This is not required, but it will help strengthen your application and help us learn more about you. The link to the form is here:
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