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Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces
Snoring And Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces
Fighting sleep apnea with snoring mouthpieces is probably the most cost-effective, simple strategy to stop snoring fast. While there are plenty of stop snoring devices out there, TMJ mouth guards like Good Morning Snoring Solution and mandibular advancement devices like ZQuiet, SnoreRX, SleepTight, VitalSleep and SnoreMeds are quickly gaining traction as the most effective snoring remedies out there. While easier solutions exist than anti-snoring mouthpieces, such as My Snoring Solution, a chin strap to stop snoring, very few offer real help with snoring. See why sleep apnea mouthpieces can help here.

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Are you wondering how to stop snoring?
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Good Morning Snore Solution
I’d like to introduce you to the best and most comfy anti-snoring mouthpiece I got my hands on (my own unbiased opinion). It’s no other than the humble GMSS or the Good Morning Snore Solution.

It is not only an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece but is also safe and comfortable to use. Technology and design-wise, I can confidently claim that its competitors are not a match for it and it works really well in preventing snoring.

I am so glad that after decades of searching for the solution to my sleepless nights filled with loud snoring, I was able to stumble upon this gem of a mouthpiece: the Good Morning Snore Solution.

VitalSleep Review
Mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are becoming more popular right now and VitalSleep is one of it. Its design enables it to subtly hold the lower jaw to the front, thereby ensuring that nothing blocks the airway. If the reason of snoring still eludes you until now, it’s because a relaxed jaw that also drops blocks the airway resulting in vibrations that leads to snoring.

An airway narrower than normal and a dropped jaw causes soft tissues in your face and neck to vibrate triggering the loud snoring noise as the air you breathe is forced to pass through the narrow opening. But with MADs, it ensures the jaw stays in place to reduce or totally get rid of the snoring. Aside from its perks of eliminating snoring, it is actually good for your body because you can be sure of breathing in enough air in your slumber.

What sets the VitalSleep apart from other mouthpieces?
There is no denying that VitalSleep is a class of its own because it is cost effective as well as offers a 1-year replacement warranty. It comes in two sizes. Men should opt for the regular fit while women will feel more comfy with the small fit. Moreover, it is highly customizable compared to other commercial mouthpieces but something you can only get with the help of your dentist but a trip to the dental clinic isn’t always cheap.

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