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1 Lac Tulsi తులసి Plants to all @ Rs 1/-
1 Lac *Tulsi* Plants are being distributed by FAI-AVOPA to all. Few centers in the city of Hyderabad are identified. These plants will be available from 5.9.2021 to 09.9.2021 at the centers mentioned below.
Each association will distribute to the members of the society. Register here and collect the plants. Each individual is eligible to collect up to 5 Plants. You can distribute to your neighbors.

All Volunteers will be provided with Participation Certificate. Part of Extra Curriculum activities.

Tulsi / तुलसी / తులసి మొక్క uses ::

తులసిగా ప్రసిద్ధి చెందిన తులసిని ఆయుర్వేదంలో వేలాది సంవత్సరాలుగా దాని విభిన్న వైద్యం లక్షణాల కోసం ఉపయోగిస్తున్నారు. Click the link and see - And many more and see.

Pleas collect the Plant between 9 am to 5 pm on the date selected by You. The Inauguration of this Project is Scheduled on 5.9.21 Sunday 9.30 AM. For Inauguration banner with full details click

Objective ::

To help the people of the society to maintain their Health with easy simple and low / Nil cost ways.

Let us pledge NOT TO USE PLASTIC, Use traditional items, Do proper exercise, Do Meditation....
Going Back To Roots... Best & Healthy / Happy way of Living...
------ ----- ------ ------ --------

మొక్కదగిన మొక్క ....తులసి మొక్క
తులసీ హరితం... ...ఆరోగ్య భరితం
తులసికి జై..... వైభవానికి జై జై
వాసవి మాతకు జై జై జై

1.Where do you want collect the Tulasi Plants out of the below centers :: *
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2.Mobile Number *
3.Your Name
4.How many plants you want to collect *
5.Your Preferable date of collection between 5.9.21 to 10.9.21 ( Please collect the same between 8AM to 5PM ) *
6.Your address *
7.Postal Pin Code *
8.Instructions & Committee Members of this project
i.. Stay tuned to know
ii. List Centers & Contact details are in the link:
iii. Visit-

Project Chairman :: Rtn Ramesh K Grandhi
9.Donations to FAI-AVOPA are eligible for Income Tax Benefit u/s 80G i.. Bank Details of FAI::- STATE BANK OF INDIA, A/c No. :: 37240380607, IFSC :: SBIN0020318 ii.These donations are used for more such service projects for the society.
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