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SYMPOSIUM: Ocean Cleanup
17-19 December 2019 (Friday), Risk Institute Seminar Room (tentative)
Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, Chadwick Building (use the south entrance), University of Liverpool

There will be three related events over three days. The symposium will introduce and explore the issues from many perspectives, including those of proponents from environmental groups and ocean ecologists. The workshop will be a collaborative event in which we will articulate risk analyses to address those issues. These analyses will employ stochastic demography, including uncertainty propagation for abundances, vital rates, and other variables that are known imprecisely.

We believe that finding quantitative answers to the questions of whether and by how much the benefits from plastics removal outweigh the potential risks to ocean organisms, and how they compare with harms from unabated accumulation of oceanic microplastics, can only be answered by modern quantitative environmental risk analysis at the interface between engineering and ecology.

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