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Open Letter to the Bank of Montreal - Organizational Signature
This form collects ORGANIZATIONAL signatories to the open letter to the Bank of Montreal, a letter developed by No Coal in Oakland.

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Text of the Open Letter to the Bank of Montreal

We are residents of Oakland, California and allied communities as well as labor, faith, environmental justice, and community organizations that oppose the construction of a coal export terminal on our publicly-owned waterfront. We have learned that the Bank of Montreal is raising funds to build this terminal, which would endanger the health and safety of the West Oakland community and — by enabling the burning of coal for decades to come — the health and safety of people around the world.

This project was conceived without the knowledge of Oakland residents for the benefit of Bowie Resource Partners, a coal company with mines in Utah. In committing to raise $250 million to fund the project, the Bank of Montreal violated the Equator Principles to which it is signatory by evading the required engagement with our community and failing to require a full accounting of the coal terminal’s local and global environmental consequences.
We ask that the Bank of Montreal honor the Oakland City Council’s ordinance prohibiting storage and handling of coal anywhere in the city. We call on the Bank of Montreal to publicly pledge that the Bank and its subsidiaries will refrain from advising on or arranging financing for the proposed terminal.


==> the original open letter sent to Darryl White, Chief Executive, Bank of Montreal, on March 29, 2018, signed by NCIO and the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, can be found at
==> A background paper that details the Bank of Montreal's role in raising funds for the proposed coal terminal in Oakland can be found at

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