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Vehicle Registration
Please read the Northwest High School Parking Regulations:

1. All students who drive to school are required to register their vehicles.

2. Students are to park in yellow painted stalls only. All areas that are painted red,
white, blue, or marked “NO PARKING” are off limits to student parking. Students who
park in any area other than yellow will have their cars towed at their own expense.

3. Students operating vehicles on school grounds are to observe all Nebraska State
motor vehicle laws, posted school signs and a 10 MPH speed limit.

4. Students are prohibited from loitering and/or littering in the school parking lot.

5. Students should immediately report any vandalism, theft, or damage that occurs to
their cars on school property to the High School Office and/or police.

6. The Central Office will distribute a parking tag to be hung in the student's rearview mirror. These tags are interchangeable between vehicles. Student's will be charged $5 for each replacement tag.

7. Students who violate school parking regulations (numbers 1-6 above) may be subject
to disciplinary action and/or have their school parking privileges revoked.

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