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M-Lab Experiment Hosting Request
If you are a researcher who has experimental tools that you would like hosted on the M-Lab platform, please read the documents listed below which apply to researchers hosting experiments on the M-Lab Platform. If your project fits within the guidelines and principles, you can apply for M-Lab hosting below. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

- M-Lab Conceptual & Technical Scope & Related Policies:
- Procedures:
- M-Lab Memorandum of Understanding for Experiment Developers:
- M-Lab Experiment Developer Responsibilities, Requirements, and Guidelines:
- Privacy Policy:
- Acceptable Use Policy:
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Organizational Name
Please state the name of your organization.
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Organizational Description *
Please provide a brief description of your organization, including an introduction to the team that will be supporting and maintaining any experimental tools you seek to deploy on the M-Lab platform.
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Research Goals *
Please describe your research goals, including the answers to the following questions: 1) What do you hope to study via pursuit of this experiment? 2) Over what period of time do you intend that this experiment be run?
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Experiment Methodology *
Please describe the methodology of your experiment. This should include an in-depth description of the data the experiment gathers and how it is gathered, as well what information is transmitted in each direction (client to server, server to client). You should make clear how the experiment fits within the principles described at the top of this page.
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Experimental Tools *
Describe how the experiment differs from existing M-Lab tools. In order to most efficiently utilize the resources of the platform, tools should be novel both in the data they collect and the experience they offer to the client.
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Link to source code or project website
If your tool is already available under an open-source license, please provide a link to the source code repository or project page.
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Links to Research Papers or Articles
If there are any research papers or articles concerning the experimental tools in question, please post links to them here (one per line).
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Roles & Responsibilities *
Link to sample data
If applicable, please share a sample data file from your experimental tool.
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Deployment Timeline *
Please provide a rough timeline for deploying the tool on the M-Lab platform, including any milestones that need to be reached before the tool can be implemented.
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