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FBC Tech Ministry
Are you technology-minded? Do you have an ear for how things should sound? What about an eye for how things should look on the "big screen?" Do you like the idea of helping out on a Sunday morning, but would like to be more of a "behind the scenes" instead of "on the stage" person? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Tech Ministry may be for you!

FBC is building a team of techs consisting of adults and teens 15 or older who are dependable, teachable, and quick problem solvers. Experience with sound equipment would be nice, but not required. A basic understanding of computers is suggested. There will be a short interview process to determine if you may be a good fit and we will get to training as soon as possible. Once our team has been adequately trained and staffed, the goal is for most members to serve one service/month.

If you have any specific questions about what we do or how you may fit into our ministry, please email

Also, if you have family members who didn't receive this email or survey link, please forward the link to them so they can fill it out!

Tech ministry?! Sweet! Here's how I see myself fitting in: *
The Sound Tech works the sound board. This person controls the volume and the mix of the different parts of the morning service (worship band, videos, and individuals with the handheld or wireless microphones), records the sermon, and plays the music before and after the service. Having a good ear really matters with this position, because it is difficult to follow along with the service when things are too loud, too soft, or just don't sound right. With proper training, do you think this is a good fit for you? *
The Computer Tech works the computer. This person advances the slides for the whole service (worship songs, announcements, and the sermon) and plays any videos the service may include. Timing is everything with this position, because it is difficult to follow along with the service if the slides are too far behind or ahead. With proper training, do you think this is a good fit for you? *
On the Sundays when we have two services, which one do you typically attend? *
Occasionally, the church has special services (for example, funerals during the week or weddings on Saturdays). Would you be available to serve at these services?
During the months of July and August, we will be conducting trainings for both the sound board and computer. They will probably take place on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Will you have any trouble attending at least three of these trainings? *
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