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QEP Funding Request, 2016-2017

Improving cultural competency at Delta State will assist students in discovering and learning about other cultures; understanding cultural biases and differences; improving intercultural communication skills; developing empathetic skills; and moving effectively within a globalized society.

The QEP will delve into extracurricular activities through sponsoring, promoting, and creating culturally rich and instructive events on campus.

Michelle Johansen
DSU Box 3162 Jobe 221

Applications for speaker/event funding should meet the following guidelines:
1. Applications should be received by the QEP Coordinator four weeks prior to proposed event.
2. Requests may be partially funded or fully funded. If denied funding, applicants may appeal.
3. The event should offer students the opportunity to improve cultural competency at Delta State University.
1. All approved QEP events will include a DSU QEP logo on all promotional materials, and the QEP will be referenced in publicity.
2. Assessment results from the event will be shared with QEP Coordinator in a timely fashion.
Event Information
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Relevance to the Goals of Improving Cultural Competency at Delta State
Student Learning Outcomes *
All QEP-sponsored events will have identified student learning outcomes. Please mark all that apply. Students will be able to:
How will the program improve student learning outcomes? *
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How will you assess your speaker/event and measure the improvement of student learning outcomes? *
Please provide an evaluation plan or tool.
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Estimated Costs
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Please provide estimated dollars and any relevant details (Ex: intention to share a room, carpool, ability to stay with family, etc.). Include lodging, transportation, air/mileage, and meals.
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Estimated Catering Costs *
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Total Funding Requested *
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Other Funding Sources *
Is this speaker/event receiving funding from other sources (university, non-profit, state, federal, etc.)?
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