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Meeting health survey
53% of us is frustrated with the quality of the meetings we have. Too many, too long - it's just too much really. And it won't get better unless somebody does something about it - the technology is changing our workplace, enabling us to interact more.

The purpose of this survey is to get feedback on how you're addressing the meeting creep and what are you doing to have better meetings.

How many hours of meetings do you have on average day?
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How many meetings do you have on average day?
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How do you feel about meetings in general?
Share what you like and dislike about meetings.
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If there is/was one thing that makes meeting quality from 0 to 1, what is it?
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What would you change about the meetings?
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What was the weirdest thing that happened to you on a meeting?
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Do you use any tech solutions to help you with the meetings?
Booking tools, agenda tools, note taking tools, ...
If yes - what do you use? If no - why?
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You work in?
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Company size you work in?
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Your role in the company?
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