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AAM Chicago Convergence
Event Timing: July 29 - August 7 2022
Convergence in Chicago, Illinois
For questions, contact @AnimalActivismMentorship on FB/IG or Trey at
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What day(s) will you be participating? Check all that apply. *
Will you be riding in the AAM van or a different vehicle? Disclaimer: Requesting transportation does not guarantee transportation. *
If you have your own means of transportation, could other activists carpool with you during the convergence? *
I would like to request lodging at the AAM house for the following nights (requesting lodging does not guarantee it): *
I understand that I may have to cover some or most of my own expenses depending on how well the fundraiser for this event does.
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I understand that my health and safety is solely my own responsibility at all times during this event. By attending, I am recognizing that FARM, Animal Activism Mentorship, or any other associated organization or individual are not responsible for my health or safety.
I understand that FARM and/or Animal Activism Mentorship may not be able to provide legal or financial support if I get arrested or experience any other legal issues at any time during this event or any time at all. By coming to this event I agree to accept all responsibility if I get into any kind of legal trouble whatsoever.
I understand that this event may involve a lot of driving, potentially uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and that everything may not always go according to plan. I will maintain a positive attitude and team mentality when challenges arise and do my best to get along with and work together with my fellow activists.
I understand that it will not be possible to follow the recommended physical distancing guidelines during this event. I understand that this puts me and anyone I live with or may come in contact with at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, COVID variants, or any other sickness.
I agree that I will not bring illegal substances on this trip or to any of its events and understand that breaking this rule is grounds for immediate removal from the activist house and all events that are a part of the AAM Chicago Convergence 2022.
I agree not to attend activism events under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
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Please list any food allergies you may have:
Do you have a medical condition that we should know about? If so, please provide the necessary info.
Please provide the name and phone number of your emergency contact(s).
If you are flying in, please let us know what your plan is. If possible, we will arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport. If you would like to be dropped off somewhere at the end of the event, you can request that here as well. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate all requests and some or all of your own travel arrangements may have to be made.
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