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Hiring a Resilient Coder
As awesome as it is to talk about the diversity crisis in tech, and courageously share articles about it on social media, we're excited that there are folks like yourself actually moving the needle.

Resilient Coders hacks the opportunity gap by teaching smart, hungry young people how to code. Our graduates are ready to provide real value to your company--and, yes, help you build a truly diverse team. If you haven't read it yet, we said a thing or two about it on Medium:

Our graduates have experience in semantically structured HTML, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript fundamentals, proficiency with git, and have already completed real-world client projects. From there, some of our students continue on to Resilient Lab, our dev shop, where -- besides building websites for clients like yourself -- they're also furthering their education. Our current cohort will be learning some basic Node and React principles.

Our curriculum is flexible. You have very real influence on what they learn by telling us about your needs and interests below. We want to train our workforce to satisfy their curiosity and your needs. So for your perspective, and for your enthusiasm, and for the kind of thinking that drove you to this form in the first place... thank you.
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What do you look for in an intern or junior hire? Your answer can include skills both technical and not.
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