Interdistrict Open Enrollment Application 2017-2018


Chardon Local Schools will permit the enrollment of students who are residents of other school districts in Ohio. Students wishing to enroll in the Chardon Local Schools may do so in the scope of policies and regulations adopted by the Chardon Local Schools Board of Education pertaining to Interdistrict Open Enrollment.

The following guidelines for the enrollment of students are based upon criteria established by the school district administration in conjunction with recommendations of the Ohio department of Education. These guidelines are consistent with applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

1. Beginning in February information will be provided upon request to parents in other districts about the open enrollment program.

2.The Chardon Local Schools will begin accepting applications for open enrollment between FEBRUARY 1, 2017 and FEBRUARY 24, 2017.

3. Requests will be acted upon (approved or denied) during MARCH with parental acceptance of transfer on or before APRIL 3, 2017. By APRIL 28, 2017, any applicant that has been notified of acceptance must have completed the registration process or attendance will be denied. If grade, building, and program capacities have not been exceeded, enrollment privileges may be extended by the superintendent until capacity has been met.

4. No student, once accepted by the Chardon Local Schools, will be displaced during that year should enrollment exceed program limits. All approved enrollments are in effect for the current school year only and may be discontinued at the discretion of the Chardon Local Schools Board of Education in subsequent years.

5. Applications will be considered based on the time and date stamp of receipt with an assurance that the following acceptance criteria will be used in making these decisions:
A. Chardon Local Schools residence will not be displaced
B. Students of Teachers employed with the Chardon Local Schools
C. Students currently attending the Chardon Local School pursuant to the District open enrollment policy
D. First time open enrollment students

6. Enrollment will be denied to students who have been suspended or expelled for 10 consecutive days in the current term or the immediately preceding term

7. Interdistrict Open Enrollment may be discontinued by the Chardon Local Schools Board of Education