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Student Survey Nov 2017
Your name will be entered for a draw for:
A) 10 session pass ($170) or
B) $100 gift certificate to the ODY July 2017 Yoga Retreat or
C) $99 - 45 minute session with Personal Nutrition (Sharon Pendlington)

Thanks so much for your feedback!

You will also receive Two Free Class coupons by email when the survey ends! (see below)

One Valid for Anyone One Valid for New Members Only (Expiry July 31, 2017) !!

About You....
M1) Which studio/s do you attend?
M2) What type of yoga pass do you currently have?
M3) How long have you been an Open Door Yoga member?
M4) How often do you come to class at Open Door Yoga (ODY)?
M5) Check one of the Below
The best gift.....
We have an ongoing Gift Certificate special that anytime you purchase a gift certificate we give an equal value to "We Are One" (ODY's in house charity)
on what occasion do you purchase gift certificates for friends/family?
Our Vision:
We are One. When we change the ourselves we change the world. A Place to experience peace, compassion, healing, and growth. A Place to find balance, to teach and to learn. A Place to practice yoga. We are here to be of service.
C1) "When we grow, Open Door Yoga grows"
is the theme for us yoga teachers this Yr 18, so can you let us know how we can help you grow, in your yoga practice?
Your answer
Your Yoga Practice....
P1) Home Practice. - Our teachers have added some new submissions so please take a peek and offer us some feedback on that page. This page is FREE for members with a 12/18 month Continuous pass (and during your intro pass).
Let us know what you would like more of so we can help deepen your home practice?
P2) If you use the Home Practice how has it helped you with your yoga practice? (so we can share with other students in the newsletter)?
Your answer
P3) Can you let us know why you believe coming to class regularly is important, so that we can share with other students in the newsletter?
Is there any reward we are not offering that would help you to maintain a regular practice?
Your answer
Wkshp1) Are there any specific workshops you would like to see more of at ODY?
Free Month Program -Please take a look on our website for more info
We all know that the many benefits of yoga come when one maintains a regular yoga practice and that is why we created the Free Month Program. To reward and help you with the most challenging part of yoga which is......'making it to class' !!
Congratulations for the Bronze, Silver or Gold star members!!! We know the challenges to coming to a class regularly.
If you would share your tips on how you maintained your practice, we will share this with your fellow yogis.
Your answer
Would you like us to increase our social media presence?
Open Door Yoga's Retreat July 8/9 at Paradise Valley
HR) Community Events: Our 4th Annual Summer Yoga Retreat is coming up this July 7/8/9th. Please join us or if you are not able to attend let us know why? (Psst, early bird price before June 1st)
Teachers....the most important part of Open Door Yoga!
We see Open Door Yoga as a studio
-where teachers teach a safe hatha yoga class with modifications to accommodate students of all ages, experience, and fitness levels,
-where teachers are encouraged to learn and teach what they love
-where the teachers are treated like co-owners and share in the responsibility and profits of the studio
HR) What are your comments about the teachers at ODY?
Your answer
HR) When renewing your pass in class, have our teachers asked “how often you are planning to come to class?” or provided you with the help you needed?
If no, please specify
Your answer
Open Door Yoga Schedule & Subbing
SC) If CLASS TIMES do not work for you,please let us know which class time, studio & day of the week would help you get to class? (ie before work, after work, early morning)
Please include the studio(s) and type of class if not Hatha and time
Your answer
SC) Sunday 4:30 - 5:45 POWER with Anchi @ Main & 15th
How can we improve the attendance for this class?
SC) What is more important to you when deciding which class(es) to attend - assuming 2 different classes are offered at the same time? (with 1 being the teacher and 5 being the class type)
Class type e.g hatha, power, yin etc..
Open Door Yoga Operations
O1) If you do not currently have a 12 or 18 month Continuous Open Door Pass, what is your reason? (Please check all that apply.)
O2) Did you know you can put any pass (other than the 10 Session Pass) on hold for an extension fee? ($40 for first 2 months and $20/month thereafter.)
O3) Did you know that your Continuous Pass will keep going month-to-month after your minimum commitment (of 3, 12, or 18 months) is up?
O4) Did you know that instead of taking an extension, you can also now use a Holiday Transfers?
Holiday Transfers: Students with a current Continuous 3/12/18 Month Pass who will be away from the studio for 2 weeks or more may specify one non member (does not have a current pass @ ODY) to attend on the student's pass while they are away. This must be arranged through before hand and the non member must receive their own scan card.
O5) Have you tried to contact Open Door Yoga in the last year with a question or concern?
O6) If you answered yes to the above question, please specify how you tried to contact us.
O7) Based on your experience, how quickly do you feel we reply to your requests? (with 1 being very slowly and 5 being very quickly)
Very slowly
Very quickly
The Studios.....
What do you like /would you suggest we consider changing about Main 14th studio?
Please enter your contact info below if you would like a response
Your answer
Although we are not permitted by the owner of the building to expand the changing area is there anything else that you like about or would request we change to improve Main & 15th studio?
Please enter your contact info below if you would like a response
Your answer
Although we are not permitted by the owner of the building to put in windows that opens, is there anything else you would suggest we consider changing about Commercial Dr studio?
Please enter your contact info below if you would like a response
Your answer
What do you like or would you suggest we consider changing about Kerrisdale studio?
Please enter your contact info below if you would like a response
Your answer
Yoga Teacher Training
YTT1)Did you know that ODY members receive $250 off the course if you have a 12/18 mo pass, $50 off for a 3 mo. pass?
look on our website for more info
YTT2) Would you like us send you information on the program? This is a 'life-changing program', we would like everyone at Open Door to know about it, so we offer anyone attending the info session 2 free weeks.
If you are a Free Month Program Recipient (Silver or Gold Star) you can receive a 10 session pass FREE for coming to the info session!
YTT3) If you answered "YES" to the above question, please leave us your name & email address.
Your answer
YTT4) I would like to take the program but I am not available at the times you offer.
I would sign up if it were a
Thank You so much for your time! Namaste
As we know we can only grow and change if we receive yours so know we will consider each one of your comments but that if you would like us to respond to any of your comments above, please fill out this last box below
Would you like a response to your feedback?
If yes, please provide email or phone number
(let us know which question number you would like a response to/ if you would like a phone call what times are suitable for you.)
Your answer
Please provide the email address you would like your free class passes sent to.
(please know that we will send this out once all the surveys are complete, this may take some time, we appreciate your patience on this.)
Your answer
For Students who do not have a current Open Door Yoga Pass....
please fill out the next questions
M4) If you do not have a pass would you be interested in a 4-8month pass for $103/mos?
If so let us know your email address below. This is in order to help students who need to get out of their contracts and are unable to find a person to transfer it to.
Your answer
M4) What is the reason you do not have a current pass?
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