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Feedback on Thinking and Writing cIcu ISNetworkED Webinar Series
We are interested in your feedback on the Thinking and Writing Webinar series, and appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.
My feedback pertains to the following webinar(s)
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Please rate the Webinar you viewed on the following points. The webinar
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Disagree Somewhat
Agree Somewhat
Strongly Agree
Addressed the concerns and issues I had hoped would be discussed
Alerted me to new issues or information
Alerted me to new issues or information
Encouraged reflection
Supported effective collaboration
Goals and Objectives presentation clearly explained.
Addressed stated goals and objectives.
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Viewing this webinar gave me ideas about how to
Strongly disagree
Disagree somewhat
Agree somewhat
Agree somewhat
Strongly agree
Revise my course curriculum
Revise my course learning tasks
Revise my course assessments
Support my student candidates more effectively
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As a result of watching the webinar:
Stayed the Same
My overall outlook on the Higher Ed Reform process
My confidence regarding implementation
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Based on the information gained from this webinar, I feel knowledgeable/competent enough to run a workshop on this topic using the webinar materials.
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This session provided me with concrete next steps that I can use in my context.
Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree.
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If you agree, please describe the concrete next steps you are considering.
Watching this webinar was a good use of my time.
Please indication the extent to which you agree or disagree.
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How could the webinar be improved?
What were the strengths of the webinar presentation?
What other resources do you need regarding Thinking and Writing for edTPA to support your candidates?
What would be a "next step" follow up to this webinar?
What questios(s) do you still have about the topic?
Did you like the webinar format?
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Any other comments or suggestions?
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