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The District 103 PTO invites you to complete a grant application if you are interested in pursuing this financial opportunity available to teachers, administrators, and other educators within our district.

DEADLINE: Please submit your completed application by October 24, 2023.  No late entries will be accepted.  Before submitting your entry please review your application with your principal to refine ideas and make sure that other district resources are not available for your project.

Once the submission window for entries is closed, the Links to Learning committee will review your application with your Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, and will notify all applicants of their funding decision by November 10, 2023.

We will evaluate based on:
- Innovative and educational nature
- Curriculum enhancement potential
- Budget reasonableness
- Direct impact on students

The innovative and educational nature of grants is an important focus. What is the connection to the strategic plan? In most grant cycles, we are here to help you pilot new ideas that might be implemented by the district in the rest of your grade or school if they are successful. In our current cycle, we are open to the supply needs of an entire grade level or team, and will be flexible when considering a larger group application

Should you have any questions on the Links to Learning program, please email Amy Hoopis at
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1.  Description: Provide a detailed description of the desired program, project, or item. (Please include instructional goals and objective outcomes, duration, the estimated number of students participating, and vendor information where applicable.) *
2.  Needs/Rationale: Provide an explanation of the need and rationale for the program, project, or item you seek. (You may include any current educational research, trends in improvement, applicability toward goals, state or national goals for education, and/or applicable District 103 student learning outcomes.) *
3.  Success Metrics: How will you evaluate the success of this program, project, or item? (State who will evaluate and what qualitative & quantitative instruments will be used; i.e. survey, interview, log, pre/post test, or data collection that will serve as documentation for your program, project, or item.) *
4.  Additional Information:  Please provide any other information or comments you feel may further help us to evaluate your application.
5. Total Dollar Amount Requested: *
6. Requested Amount Detail: Provide an itemized list of the total cost of your program, project, or item. (Include any obtained quotes, a detailed list of all materials, and ALL shipping & handling charges, postage, and extras, if applicable.) *
If facility modifications are needed, I confirm that this request been reviewed by the Director of Facilities to validate cost and viability.
By checking this box, I am confirming that this request has been reviewed by the school principal and no budget exists for the items in this grant request.
7.  Past L2L Grants Received: If you have ever been awarded a grant, please provide the year and dollar amount received.
Thank you!
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