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Managing Your Default Behaviors
We all have default behaviors. When we are in the moment, trying our best to perform well, how we handle these automatic reflexes can be the difference between success and failure. It’s these moments that add up to the larger tasks and projects that are our work. Moments in which behavior – what we think, feel, say, and do ­­- is the primary driver of performance.

As a high performing professional, knowing your defaults, anticipating and planning your overrides and designing your day, will help you avoid unconscious defaults and provide yourself more behavioral flexibility in the moments of truth that matter most.

The following questions are designed to stimulate your thinking and help you evaluate your relationship to default behaviors.

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1a. Are you aware of your default behaviors and do you consciously manage them? What are your default behaviors?
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1b. How do you manage your default behaviors?
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2. What two steps could you immediately take that would make the biggest difference in your current situation?
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3. What are you most proud of professionally?
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4. What words describe how you feel about your career?
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5. What is the compliment or acknowledgment you hear most often about yourself?
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6. What words describe you at your best and when are you at your best?
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7. What words describe you when you’re at less than your best and what conditions bring out those qualities?
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8. Are you someone with an effective communication style. If yes, how do you know this?
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9a. True or False: Others would rate you as confident?
9b. True or False: Others would say you have an effective communication style?
10a. True or False: Others recognize that you have taken the time to reflect and develop your own personal managerial style.
10b. True or False: Are your counterparts comfortable with your personal managerial style?
Personal Branding Statements
Your personal branding statement is 1-2 sentences and answers:
1. What you are the best at (value)
2. Who you serve (audience)
3. How you do it uniquely

It sums up your unique promise of value. Your personal brand statement is distinctive to you and you alone

Your Personal Branding Statement
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Thank you for investing your time to better understand your default behaviors and personal brand. We hope it has given you access to areas you can take pride in and areas you can improve in.
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