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Open letter to the citizens of Europe



In most parts of the world, people suffering injury at the hands of their government have no possibility of obtaining redress except through the national court system. Since these courts are not necessarily independent from their government, there is generally no assurance that they will obtain satisfaction.

Thanks to the Council of Europe, we citizens of Europe enjoy the unique possibility of addressing ourselves to an international institution, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), if we fail to obtain an effective remedy in our own country. This constitutes an invaluable asset.

Recently, nationalist tendencies are threatening the continued enjoyment of these benefits. Values which the Council of Europe was established to promote and defend, such as the rule of law, the protection of human rights, the independence of courts, and the possibility to appeal to an international body against injury caused by governmental authorities, are increasingly being challenged.

Russia is without doubt at the forefront of these developments. As a condition for membership, it had to commit to several important measures. It has however failed to honour many of them. Thus:

- in clear violation of Article 46 of the European Convention On Human Rights (ECHR), it adopted a law giving its constitutional court the right to decide which judgments of the European Court will apply on its territory. No other member of the Council has adopted a similar measure;
- it did not ratify the 6th Protocol to the ECHR on the abolition of the death penalty;
- it annexed Ukrainian Crimea. This has led to grave human rights deteriorations. Freedom of speech and association are all but eliminated. Crimean Tatars are under particular attack. Many civic and human rights activists face huge sentences of gravely flawed charges. All these violations have been condemned by the UN General Assembly, PACE, as well as by numerous reputable human rights organisations. Also, the International Court of Justice obliged Russia to stop and revert certain human-rights violations in occupied Crimea, without Russia complying;
- it continues to occupy and/or provide military assistance to breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine and Georgia. OSCE monitors have confirmed the direct Russian military engagement in eastern Ukraine, in addition to the Russian BUK that shot down MH17. The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague confirms "existence of an international armed conflict in eastern Ukraine".

All these actions were either supported or expressly approved by the Russian Parliament even though they were contrary to the undertakings Russia had given at the time of joining.

In 2014, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) reacted by deciding to strip the Russian parliamentary delegation of its voting rights. As a conciliatory gesture, it allowed the Russian delegates to continue attending meetings in the hope that they would be willing to engage in constructive discussions. However, rather than pressing their government to put an end to these violations, the Russian delegates decided no longer to participate at all in PACE. It is worth noting that, when it examined the Crimea situation, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in 2014 limited itself to condemning the Russian aggression without taking any further action.

For the past two years, Russia has not paid its annual contribution of €33 million to the Council’s budget. It is now threatening to withdraw from the Council altogether unless the voting rights of its delegation are reinstated. It should be stressed however that membership of the Council is crucial for Russia's self-esteem, so a realisation of the threat looks doubtful.

Meanwhile, Russia continues its aggressive tactics: it closed the jointly operated Kerch Strait in violation of its international obligations and created obstacles to vessels heading to Ukrainian ports in the see of Azov, including attacking Ukrainian ships and imprisoning and refusing to free the sailors of the ships which it illegally seized.
Recently Moscow started issuing Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens living in occupied Donbas through Russian officials in Donetsk and Lugansk without Ukraine’s authorisation. This is an illegal action that can lead to de-facto recognition of the region.

PACE has responded to Russia’s violations by adopting resolutions calling upon Russia to revert its aggressive actions against Ukraine, and prohibiting the lifting of sanctions before they are implemented. In particular, Resolution 2132 (2016) specifies that “only significant and measurable progress towards implementation of resolutions 1990, 2034, 2063 can lead to lifting sanctions on Russian delegation.”

In view of such a background, it comes as a shock that Germany and France, two countries generally considered as among the staunchest defenders of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, have taken the initiative to pressure PACE into giving up its power to sanction national delegations that violate the Council’s core principles. They claim that this is necessary to allow Russia to give up its threat to withdraw and resume sending its delegates to PACE.
Pursuant to this initiative, on 17 May 2019 the Committee of ministers proposed a procedure that would require PACE to act jointly with them before adopting any sanction. In view of the Committee of Ministers’ past reluctance to sanction infringing countries such as Russia, it is evident that the need for joint action will lead to no action at all, or to action being taken too late.

At a time when the merits of democracy are increasingly being questioned, such a weakening of the Council’s power to sanction countries that gravely violate its fundamental principles gives an entirely wrong signal. It will only encourage other member countries to engage in similar violations in the future.

Rather than giving in to Russian bullying, Germany and France should have proposed a suspension of Russia’s membership in the Council for failure to fulfil its obligations, as it had the right to under Articles and 9 of the Council Statute. This would have constituted a truly effective sanction. It would not have deprived Russian citizens of their right to appeal to the ECtHR since Russia would have remained a member of the Council [Article 58(3) ECHR].

Against this background, we urge and expect PACE to fully assert its independence, as it has done in the past. PACE must not abdicate the power to sanction delegations that violate the Council of Europe’s basic principles. European citizens will not understand any other decision.

Seventy years of constructing the Council of Europe as the crucial defender of human rights, democracy and rule of law on our continent cannot be sacrificed to allow the return of Russian parliamentarians to its Assembly under such circumstances.


Article drafted by:

1. Willem Aldershoff, Former head of unit, European Commission, Analyst international affairs, Brussels
2. Michel Waelbroeck, Emeritus professor in European Law Université libre, Bruxelles, Emeritus member of the Institute of International Law, Brussels.


3. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, fourth president of Estonia (2006-2016)
4. Markus Meckel, former minister of Foreign Affairs (GDR) and former Member of Bundestag 1990-2009
5. Rebecca Harms, Member of the European Parliament
6. Philippe de Lara, professor of political science, France
7. Anders Aslund, Professor at the Atlantic Council
8. Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
9. James Sherr, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS, Chatham House
10. Peter Pomeranzev, senior fellow at LSE
11. Aleksei Manannikov, Retired, Former MP (Congress of People's Deputies and Council of Federation), Russia
12. Edith Mueller, former Member of the European Parliament, The Greens
13. Volodymyr Ariev, MP, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ukraine
14. Yehor Bozhok, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine
15. Galina Ackerman, University of Caen
16. Kamil Basaj, CEO, INFO OPS POLAND Foundation, Poland
17. Namık Kemal Bayar, Secretary General/Lawyer, World Congress of Crimean Tatars, Turkish
18. Yulia Berezovskaia, Journalist,,
19. Tim Bohse, Political Scientist, German
20. Giovanna Brogi, Professor Emeritus, Italy
21. Oleksandr Cherednychenko, Professor, Doctor of Philology, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine
22. Sandrine Colard, Professor, Belgium
23. Sławomir Dębski, Director at The Polish Institute of International Affairs
24. Chris Donnelly, Co-Director, Institute for Statecraft, UK
25. Franck Duvell, Head of Department, German Centre for Integration and Migration Research, German
26. Danilo Elia, Journalist, Rai, National Public Broadcaster of Italy, Italy
27. Dr. Anke Giesen, Board, Memorial Deutschland e.V., German
28. Paul Goble, Former US Government Specialist on the Non-Russian Peoples of the Former Soviet Space, USA
29. Gustav C. Gressel, Senior Policy Fellow, Wider Europe Programme, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
30. Ralf Fuecks, Centre for Liberal Modernity, Berlin
31. Lucyna Gebert, professor, "Sapienza" Università di Roma, Italian
32. Wojciech Jakóbik, editor in chief,, Polish
33. Walter Kaufmann, Department Head, Boell Foundation, Germany
34. Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President, Open Dialogue Foundation, Ukraine
35. Jacek Kucharczyk, Institute of Public Affairs, Poland
36. Nataliya Kudryk, Journalist, RFE/RL, Ukrainian
37. Serhii Tereshko, diplomat, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Ukraine
38. John Lough, Chatham House
39. Steve Marquardt, Historian, Kandiyohi Center for Human Rights, USA
40. Massimiliano Melley, Journalist, Citynews - Milanotoday, Italian
41. Illia Miroshkin, National project coordinator, ICDS - International Centre for Defence and Security, Ukraine
42. Johanna Moehring, Senior Fellow, The Institute for Statecraft
43. James Nixey, Chatham House, Head of Russia and Eurasia Programme
44. Tanja Nyberg, Director, Magnitsky Act Initiative, German
45. Simon Papuashvili, Programme Director at International Partnership for Human Right
46. Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
47. Peter Pomeranzev, senior fellow at LSE
48. Adam Reichardt, New Eastern Europe
49. Iwona Reichardt, New Eastern Europe
50. Giedrius Sakalauskas, Res Publica, Lithuania
51. Stefanie Schiffer, Director, European Exchange, Germany
52. Alya Shandra Euromaidan Press
53. James Sherr, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS, Chatham House
54. Gerhard Simon, historian, Germany
55. Kateryna Smagliy, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute, USA
56. Juris Smotrovs, professor, University of Latvia, Latvia
57. Vladimir Socor, senior analyst at the Jamestown Foundation
58. Alice Stollmeyer, Defending Democracy, Netherlands
59. Oleksandr Sushko, Executive Director, International Renaissance Foundation, Ukraine
60. Sergiy Sydorenko, European Pravda
61. Olga Tokariuk-Shelest, Head of foreign news desk, Hromadske TV, Ukraine
62. Eric Tosatti, Diplomat, French
63. Gvantsa Tsulukidze, Rule of Law Program Director, Georgian Democracy Initiative, Georgian
64. Andreas Umland, Senior Fellow, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv, German
65. Robert van Voren, Professor of Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies, Andrei Sakharov Research Center for Democratic Development, Netherlands/Lithuania
66. Magali Waelbroeck, Professeur émérite, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique
67. Denis Waelbroeck, Professor, ULB, Belgian
68. Kataryna Wolczuk, University of Birmingham, Chatham House
69. Ernest Wyciszkiewicz, director, Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, Polish
70. Yatskiv Yaroslav, Member of Presidium, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian
71. Volodymyr Yermolenko, UkraineWorld
72. Yosyp Zisels, Co-president, Vaad of Ukraine, Ukraine

73. Rustem Abibulaiev, Owner of Company, Ukrainian
74. Marie Adámková, penzioner, CZECH
75. Olena Akkash, researcher, Ukraine
76. Mad Al, Human rights defender, French
77. Rasa Aleksaite, Guide, Freelancer, Lithuanian
78. Alona Aleksiichuk, Director, Mirmed, Ukrainian
79. Lalym Alex, Businessman, Ukraine
80. Ledovskikh Alexander, Job seeker, Ukrainian
81. Helena Alexeeva, economist, house wife, Ukraine
82. Petrov Alexey, Jornalist, Free press-activist, Russia, Kamchatka
83. Harald Alff, Artist, German
84. Roth Alice, Arts curator,
85. Osmanov Alim, Citizen, Ukraine
86. Zakharenko Alla, PE,
87. Alona Alona, Photografer,
88. Serhii Alpieiev, Programmer, Ukraine
89. Vera Ammer, translator, MEMORIAL Deutschland, German
90. Thomas Ammer, historian, Euromaidan NRW, German
91. Yefimovich Andrii, civil servant,
92. Marta Andriiashyk, Finance Manager, Ukrainian
93. Taras Andriivskyi, Ingenieuer, Privat, Germany
94. Pogorelyy Andriy, IT, Ukraine
95. Kuznetsova Ann, Musician, Ukraine
96. T Anna, Teacher, Ukraine
97. Mamika Antadze, Attache, MFA, Georgian
98. Artem Antsyferov, Engineer, Ukraine
99. Ganatauskiene Anzelika, Breeder, Lithuania
100. Hutopia Anzhel, Art,
101. Tetyanna Armasar, Accounter, Ukrainian
102. Frank Arndt, Vertriebsleiter, Frank Arndt, German
103. Kęsik Artur, Student, Polish
104. Smith Athena, Leader, Private, Ukraine
105. Smith Athena, Leader, Private, Ukraine
106. Natalya Attard, Economist, Malta
107. Natalia Babalyk, Senior Fellow, Lviv National Art Gallery, Ukrainian
108. Andrii Babukh, doing bussines, Ukrainian
109. RICHARD Baczynsky, Film.producer screenwriter, GoldenTrident Films, CANADA UKRAINIAN
110. Ándrij Baganics, Director, ColorTec, Hungary
111. Iryna Bagnyuk, manager, Ukrainian
112. Rita Bahdonaite, Teacher, Lithuania
113. Oleksandr Baitaliuk, Poligrafia,
114. Svitlana Bakardzhieva, Translator,
115. Anna Balaban, Ingener, Ukrainian
116. Tadas Balaišis, Software developer, Lithuanian
117. Valdas Balciunas, Director, Laua, Lithuania
118. Ivanna Balda, counter, GALNAFTOGAZ, Ukrain
119. Andrius Balsevičius, Surveyor, Lithuanian
120. Oxana Banz, Ärztin, Ukraina
121. Serhii Bar, administrative, The Museum Of Jewish Peoplehood, Israeli/Ukrainian
122. Oleg Baramykov, Interpreter, Ukraine
123. Chris Barnes, Field Services Trainer, City of Calgary, Canadian
124. Sebastian Bartsch, Consultant, Herr, Germany
125. Oleksander Bashuk, A lawyer who was to become a soldier, Ukraine
126. Olha Batatina, accountant, UA
127. Svitlana Batozhna, Teacher, School, Ukrainian
128. Eugene Baturin, Citizen, Ukrainian
129. Larissa Bauer, Bürokauffrai, deutsch
130. Luka Bedoshvili, Student, University College Roosevelt, Georgian
131. Pierre Béguin, Microbiologist, Retired, Swiss
132. Marta Belkina, teacher,
133. Inna Belova, Designer, vision, Owl House, Ukrainian
134. Don Bendikas, Auditor, Lithuanian
135. Miroslav Beník, Financial Analyst, Slovak
136. Nina Beniuk, Sozial pedagogy, Ukraine
137. Johannes Bent, PhD student, Tallinn University, Germany
138. Werner Berchner, Engineer (Thermodynamics), Private, German
139. Oksana Berezhna, EL teacher, freelance, Ukrainian
140. Heiko Bertram, Employee, Privat, German
141. Heiko Bertram, Official, German
142. Oleksandr Bevz, engineer, private, Ukraine
143. Mariia Bialaia, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, NGO Psychological crysis service, Ukraine
144. Olha Biedash, QA Engineer, McMakler, Ukrainian
145. Antonina Bilinkevych, CS representative, Ukraine
146. Oleksandr Bilyi, technical writer, Ukrainian
147. Liliia Blazheieva, Military Linguist, Ukrainian
148. Stanislav Bobrov, 3D artist, Ukraine
149. Volodymyr Bogdanov, postdoctoral researcher, ENTPE, Lyon, France, Ukraine
150. Vladislav Bogushinskiy, individual entrepreneur,
151. Jörg Bohmfalk, Real estate manager, Deutsch
152. Liliana BOIARYNA, Clinical Research Associate, French
153. Nicolas Bokov, écrivain, Editions de la Caverne, apatrid réfugié ex-soviétique
154. Falk Bomsdorf, Pensioner, German
155. Yuliya Bondarenko, artist designer, work at home, Ukrainian
156. Dmytro Bondarenko, Self-Employed, -, Ukraine
157. CW Boogaart, publicist, Netherlands
158. Jos Boonstra, Researcher, Netherlands
159. Bolodymyr Borovyk, pensioner, Ukraina
160. Vasyl Boryshchuk, Deputy of the head of the division, National Bank of Ukraine, Ukrainian
161. Bogdan Braga, director, ukrainian
162. Meinardas Brazaitis, Audio engineer, Lithuania
163. Helen Bromovsky, Designer, The Ottoman Collection, UK
164. Inna Bruurmijn, Translator, Ukrainian
165. Christian Bruurmijn, Industrial Software engineer, Netherlands
166. Olha Bryzhatiuk, eсonomist manager, Ukraine
167. Igor Buinyi, Doctor, Ukraine
168. Tina Burjaliani, Lawyer, Georgian
169. Rainer Burmeister, Director, Germany
170. Valeriia Byba, Expert, Institute of intellectual property, Ukrainian
171. Olha Bykanova, Teacher, Ukraine
172. Henry Camacho, musician, Colombia
173. Joanna Carle, Teacher, German
174. Knut Carlsen, Retired, Norwegian
175. Roger Casale, Founder and Secretary General, New Europeans, British
176. Antoine Cassan, Civil servant, France
177. Torvaldas Cesnulevicius, Manager, Lithuanian
178. Yuriy Chaban, data scientist,
179. Olexandra Chambers, Physicist, Retired, United Kingdom
180. Peter Chambers, Marine engineer, Retired, United Kingdom
181. Leonid Chashnikov, Software Engineer, Ukraine
182. Evgeniy Chechel, Lawyer,
183. Marianna Chekalova, Broker, Bulgaria
184. Evgeniy Cherednik, Technical Specialist, Kingspan-Ukraine, Ukraine
185. Alex Cherepenin, Servant, Ukrainian
186. Yuriy Chernetskiy, Professor, The "Ukraine" University, Ukrainian
187. Liudmyla Chernyshevska, Freelance translator,
188. Iryna Chernyshova, Housewife, -, Ukrainian
189. Tilmann Chladek, Retired, --, German
190. Michal Chmela, Journalist, Czech
191. Svitlana Chorna, Lawyer, Private practice, Ukraine
192. Maksym Chornyi, Summer Research Intern, Jane Street, New York, Ukraine
193. Liliya Christandl, Student, Österreich
194. Tetiana Chukhno, project manager, Ukraine
195. Vitalii Chupryna, Sales manager, Ukraine
196. Anton Chykolai, Self-employed, Ukrainian
197. Micheal Clinton, Polical Lobyies Rohingya Action Ireland, Rohingya Action Ireland, Irish
198. Joseph Colón, Business consultant, Sweden
199. Cara Connolly, Clinical lecturer, ISSm, Irish
200. Randall Cook, Historian; Military Historian, Retired, American, USA
201. Natasha Cottle, Ukrainian
202. Vitalina Couillaux, Professeur musique,
203. Nadiia Danylenko, citizen, Ukraine
204. Eric DAVID, Prof. em., Belgian
205. Dale Davies, Mechanic, Retired, Canadian
206. Leonid Davydenko, Associate professor, Odesa National University of Law, Ukraine
207. Dominique de Crombrugghe, Retraité, privé, belge
208. lucette defalque, Honorary member of the Brussels Bar and former professor, Brussels Bar and Free University of Brussels, belgian
209. Ludmila Dehnich, nurse, Ukraine
210. Estelle Delavennat, linguist, French
211. Estelle Delavennat, linguist,
212. Antonina Demenko, Retired, Non-working, Ukrainian
213. Siuzanna Dementeva, Economist, Ukraine
214. Barladian Denys, Seaman, Ukraine
215. Alexis DESWAEF, Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles, BELGIUM
216. Iryna Deyneka, Sales Consultant,
217. Olena Diduh, teacher, Ukrainian
218. Karolin Dietrich, Administrative Assistant, German
219. Pawlo Dlaboha, Musician, Ukrainian Society of Switzerland, Switzerland
220. Loz Dmytro, Dire, Fop, Ukr
221. Prykhoda Dmytro, Consultant, Self-employed, Ukraine
222. Iryna Dmytrychyn, Professor, Inalco, Française
223. Petro Dmytryk, Lawyer, Ukraine
224. Mykola Dolynskyi, Full stack web/desktop developer, Self employed, Ukrainian
225. Romans Doncenko, Judge, Latvian
226. Evgen Doroshenko, CEO, Broadcast Media Centre NSCDU, Ukraine
227. Oleksii Dorozhkin, architect, Ukraine
228. Irina Dovgenko, Accountant, ukrainian
229. Oleksiy Dovhanych, E.M, West Ukrainian Fashion Industry Cluster, Ukraine
230. Andreas Dr. Dubois, Geschäftsführer, German
231. Oleh Drebot, Economist, Non government, Ukraine
232. Pierre Druez, Cognitiviste,
233. Sergiy Dubil, economist, Ukraine
234. Sergiy Dubil, economist, Ukraine
235. Volodymyr Dubovyk, Director, Center for International Studies, Odesa Mechnikov university, Ukraine
236. Oleksandr Dubrov, Engineer, Essity, Ukrainian
237. Dmytro Dudnychenko, Unemployed, Ukraina
238. Anna Duhliy, video editing engineer, tv chanel M1, Ukraine
239. Irina Dunay, accountant, private enterprise, Ukraine
240. Yuriy Dushko, Owner, Odessa e.K., Ukraine
241. Oleksandr Dushko, Engineer, Ukrainian
242. IEVGEN DUTCHAK, IT developer, Ukraine
243. Ulyana Dyakiv, Doctor, Medical/, Ukraine
244. Olga Dziuba, manager, UKR
245. V. Edvardas, Worker,
246. Michail Efremov, Director,
247. Wolfgang Eggers, Teacher, German
248. Irmantas Eidukaitis, Investigator,
249. Christine Eliashevsky Chraibi, Retired / Volunteer, Canadian / French
250. Natalia Elsukova, Housewife, Ukrainian
251. Nino Eremashvili, PR Manager, Georgian Democracy Initiative, Georgian
252. Alexander Eremko, Leading resercher, Bogolyubov Institute for Theor. Phys. Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukr., Ukraine
253. Chisov Erik, Student, Student, Czech Repuplic
254. Tobias Friedrich Ernst, Patent engineer, German
255. Tobias Ernst, Patent engineer, German
256. Christa Exner, Musician, Austria
257. Maryna Fadieieva, pensioner, Ukrainian
258. Vlad Falk, Engineer,
259. Alina Fediai-Zyrianska, Reasercher, Ukrainian
260. Sergii Fedorov, Manager,
261. George Fedyk, Retired - professional philatelist, Australian
262. Audrius Feigelovicius, CEo, Lithuanian
263. Mark Ferrand, Self employed., British
264. Oleksii Fesenko, Business process automation, programmer, Ukraine
265. Tetyana Feshchenko, director, "Svit dytynstva" publishing house, Ukrain
266. Iryna Feshchenko, pharmacist, Ukrainian
267. André Fesiak, Independent Researcher, France
268. Yaroslav Filonenko, Attorney at law, Pekkaniska LLC, Ukraine
269. Mariia Firsova, Journalist,
270. Oksana Foltyn, Interpreter/Translator, Retired, USA
271. Oleksandr Foyevtsov, Research Associate, Ukraine
272. Iuliia Frantseva, Ph.D student, Architect, Ukraine
273. Boris Fuge, Civil servant, Luxembourgish
274. Karolina Fuhrmann, project manager, Bundestag, German
275. pierre GAIRRET, retraité, france
276. Martynas Galadauskas, Marketing director, Lithuanian
277. Marina Galetskaya, Engineer, Ukrainian
278. Rabush Galina, Historian,
279. Tcherbiy Galina, Professeur, Lycée de polytologie de Kyiv, 🇺🇦 Ukraine
280. Olivier Galliker, Human, Ch
281. karin Ganssauge, Cityplanner, deutsch
282. Vitalis Garalis, worker, Lithuanian
283. Оlga Garaschuk, Prof. Dr., University of Tübingen, Ukrainian
284. Juozas Garla, Pensionist, Lituania
285. Petro Garmish, Doctor, Ukrainian
286. Michael Garrood, Linguist, Swiss
287. Daviti Garsevanishvili, IT Officer, Georgian
288. Kogan Gennadii, Sales director, Netbox, Ukraine
289. Alvydas Genys, Ekskavatorininkas,
290. Olga Geoffrion, Retired, Canadian
291. Kashperko George, IT professional, Ukraine
292. Iasynskyi Georgiy, Finance, Business, phd, Ukraine
293. Anna Georgiyan, Business Owner, Ukraine
294. Köster Gerald, Meditrans Gehe, deutsch
295. Olga Gershanik, OpsEngineer, RevJet, Ukraine
296. Viselgiene Gintare, Editor, Lithuania
297. Irina Gladostsuk, kirjanpitäjä, Ukraina
298. Yuriy Glazko, Bilder,
299. Richard Gledhill, Security Officer, Airport Security Team Isle of Man, British
300. Paul Glibauskas, self employed, Lithuania
301. Luciano Gloor, Consultant, Switzerland
302. Nina Gogokhia, CEO, Georgian Psycho-Oncology Association, Georgian
303. Ina Goncarenko, Shipbuilding, Lithuania
304. Vyacheslav Gorbanyov, Manager, Ukraine
305. Galyna Gordina, lawyer, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ukraine
306. Vlad Gorodetsky, DBA, Ukrainian
307. Liudmyla Grakova, Accountant, Non organization, Ukrainian
308. Irena Grant, artist, Private citizen, Australian
309. olga grayvoronska sharpe, translator / interpreter,
310. Vitaliy Grinchenko, Manager,
311. Viktor Grinchenko, Scientist, Institute of Hydromechanics NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
312. Andrii Gumeniuk, quality assurance data manager, Ukrainian
313. Iryna Gumeniuk, Ceo, Ukraine
314. Viktor Guroma, Renewable energy, Ukraine
315. Tetiana Gut, Teacher, Ukrainian
316. Milan Hájek, administration of property, Czech republik
317. James Hall, Pilot, New Zealand
318. Manfried Hammer, retired/ student, German
319. Ulrich Hammerschmidt, Entrepreneur, Austria
320. Melody Hart, Naturopath, USA
321. Ralf Haska, Pfarrer, Deutschland
322. Charlotte Hatton, Programme Manager, The Insitute for Statecraft, British
323. Hauke Haubrock, Webentwickler, Germany
324. Pavlo Havrin, IT enginer, Ukraine
325. Natalie Heinbuch, Rentnerin, deutsch
326. Karas Hellen, director, Private Entrepreneur, Ukraine
327. Hryhoriy Heller, Igenieur, Ukraine
328. Boiko Hennadii, Engineer, Ukrainian
329. Sabine Hennig-Vogel, Historikerin, Autorin und Übersetzerin, Deutschland
330. Valentyna Herasymenko, Teacher, Citizen, Ukraine
331. Olha Herasymiuk, First Head Deputy, National Council on TV and radiobroadcasting, Ukraine
332. Berta Herrero, MEP Advisor, European Parliament, Spain
333. Dmytro Hetman, bookseller, Citizen of Ukraine
334. Dmytro Hetman, bookseller, citizen of Ukraine
335. Bogdan Hev, Freelancer, Ukraine
336. Adam Hladky, counseling, privat, Czech Republic
337. Denisa Hladovcová, Teacher, Czech republic
338. Wolfgang Höffer, Veterinarian, German
339. Thorgeir Holm, translator, Norwegian
340. Sampsa Holopainen, Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland
341. Dmytro Holub, Chemist, Ukrainian
342. Larisa Homyakova, doctor,
343. Volodymyr Horbach, political analyst, Ukraine
344. Nathalia Horbach, researcher, Ukraine
345. Svitlana Horbach, CEO, Ukrainian
346. iryna horbenko, translator, ukrainian
347. Yuliia Hordzey, musician, Ukraine
348. Iryna Hornostay, Retired engineer, Ukraine
349. Hanna Horobynska, Student,
350. Viacheslav Horshkov, PHD student, Ukrainian
351. Serhij Hrytsenko, Chief Accountant, Ukrainian
352. Edmond Huet, Arms expert, DCB, French
353. Václav Hůlka, traktorista, CZ
354. harland hurd, blogger, SaveDemocracyinUkraine, USA
355. Victor Hurtowyj, Equity/Options Trader, Ukrainian/American
356. Yurij Husnay, entrepreneur,
357. Vladyslav Hyryk, Developer (game industry), Ukrainian
358. Hamilton Ian, Developer, Humanity's Federation, British
359. Oleksii Iermakov, Storeroom Leader, P&G Ukraine, Ukrainian
360. Iuliia Ierygina, lawyer, Ukraine
361. Rozkladai Igor, media lawyer, Ukraine
362. Oleksandr Ilchenko, Engineer, Ukraine
363. Oksana Iliuk, Analyst, Internews-Ukraine, Ukrainian
364. PARFENIUK INNA, Students, Other, Ukrainian
365. Anna Intelehator, Teacher and manager, Closer to the Dream School of Foreign Languages, Ukraine
366. Fingerhut Irina, Executive Assistant, Ukraine
367. Skrynnik Irina, Rentnerin, Deutschland
368. Marciuk Iryna, Retired lawyer, German
369. Olena Isaieva, Professor, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Ukraine
370. Tamara Ishchenko, Manager, National paralimpic committee, Ukraine
371. Vitalii Ishchuk, Engineer, Ukraine
372. Oksana Ishchuk, Analyst, international relations, Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Ukraine
373. Korniichuk Iuliia, Docent,
374. Samuel Ivan, Student, Czech
375. Andrii Ivaniuk, Engineer, Ukrainian
376. Olexandr Ivanov, private entrepreneur, Ukraine
377. Igor Ivanov, Engineer, Germany
378. Yurii Ivanyshyn, Produser, UkrStream.TV, Ukraine
379. Andrii Ivanytskyi, marketing director, Promarmatura, Ukraine
380. Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik, Postdoc Researcher, Institute of Sociology, NAS Ukraine, Ukrainian
381. VOLODYMYR IVASIUK, advocate, Ukrain
382. Iryna Ivchenko, Translator, Person, Ukrainian
383. Yurii Ivliev, Self-Employed, Ukrainian
384. Volodymyr Ivshyn, Specialist, UKRAINE
385. Taras Izmailov, CEO, Freelance, Ukraine
386. Jan Jabrocky, IT Specialist, Slovakia
387. Orłowski Jacek, soldat, przedsiębiorca, Poland
388. Pasteels Jacques, Em Professor ULB, Belgium
389. Mathieu Jaguelin, Tour Director, French
390. Dmitrijs Jansons, Worker,
391. Peter Janusz, Data Protection Consultant, British
392. Anastasia Japaridze, Student, Georgian
393. Hook Jaroslav, Engineer, Thermo Fisher, Canada
394. Helen Jensen, Teacher, German
395. Thomas Jeschner, Film producer, german
396. Oksana Jevsieieva, Homeworker, Ukraine
397. Jenia Jitsev, Researcher, German
398. Giedrius Jocius, CEO, Lithuanian
399. Dane Johnson, Librarian, Canada
400. Olle Josefsson, Pensioner, Swedish
401. Vyshnyvetska Juliia, private entrepreneur, Ukraine
402. Santeri Junttila, researcher, University of Helsinki,
403. Vytautas Juozapaitis, Engineer, Lithuanian
404. Ignas Jurciukonis, School teacher, VGTU lyceum of engineering, Lithuanian
405. Kostiantyn Kalachikov, self employed, Ukraine
406. Tania Kalashnyk, Retired, Ukrainian
407. Jakub Kalenský, Analyst,
408. Natalia Kalinina, economist, private entrepreneur, Ukraine
409. Aulis Kallio, Journalist, Writer, Finnish
410. Ringaudas Kalnikas, Freelancer,
411. Sebastian KAMYSHENKO, Human, USA
412. Olena Kanalrska, entrepreneur, Ukraine
413. Natalia Kantovich, Chief legal adviser on the Russian Law, Russian and British
414. Ihor Kantur, Engineer, Kharkiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦
415. Marine Kapanadze, Lawyer, Georgian
416. Maria Kaplenko, Lawyer, Ukraine
417. Nazariy Kapral, Automatisation, Ukraine
418. Irina Kara, Actress, British
419. Dmytro Karmazin, founder, Ukraine
420. Victoria Karpiak, Agent, Details Realty Inc, Brokerage, Canadian
421. Oleg Karpiuk, IT-engineering, Ukraine
422. Galina Karpova-Mallie, housewife, Russia
423. Anton Kashcheyev, Researcher, Institute of Radio Astronomy, Ukraine
424. Wasilios Katsioulis, Invaliditypensioner, European Parliament, German
425. Harald Kaufmann, Rentner, deutsch
426. Vytautas Kazlauskas, director, Shield House Solutions ltd., Lithuania
427. Stefan Keel, Controller, Switzerland
428. Svitlana Kemblowski, Branch Supervisor,
429. Laimonas Kerpe, Railways/ Driver, Lithuanian
430. Oleksandra Keudel, PhD Candidate, Free University of Berlin, Ukraine
431. Roustem Khaibrakhmanov, Architect, ADMS Arcitects, France
432. Mykola Kharchenko, scientist, Ukraine
433. Oleg Kharchev, Manager, Ukrainian
434. Mykhaylo Kharchevnyk, JP - Family doctor, Healthcare, Ukrainian
435. Ivan Khodakivskyi, Engineer, Ukraine
436. Eugene Khokhlov, manager, Ukraine, Crimea
437. Anna Khokhlova, PhD student of Marine Ecology, University of the Balearic Islands, Ukrainian
438. Ruslan Khorishchenko, Finance Manager, Ukraine
439. Iryna Khrapun, leader of laboratory, Ukraine
440. Maryna Khromova, Manager, Ukraine
441. Vitalii Kiiko, Military, Ukraine
442. Sofia Kikoshvili, Lawyer, Georgia
443. Tetiana Kinshchak, Sales Manager, Medisana, Ukraine
444. Viktor Kirilko, SysAdmin, Ukraine
445. Olena Kirkicha, Linguist, Ukraine
446. Olena Kirkicha, Translator, Ukrainian
447. Olena Kirklen, Student, SDCE, Ukrainian
448. Peter Kiryanov, CEO KNITTONS, Petro Kiryanov Spolka Komandytowa, Ukraine
449. Lino Klevesath, Political Scientist, German
450. Josef Klodner, CNC programmer, Czech Republic
451. Liliia Klonova, lawyer, Ukrainе
452. Rainhard Kloucek, secretary general, Paneuropabewegung Österreich, Austria
453. Marina Klymenko, IT, Ukraine
454. Oleksii Klymov, IT specialist, Ukraine
455. Hana Kneřová, Nurse, Czech
456. Iryna Knyzhnyk, entrepreneur, Ukraine
457. Olena Kochenko, Teacher, Ukrainian
458. Emma Kodyšová, Student, High school, Czech Republic
459. Yurii Kolach, Graphic Designer, Ukraine
460. Petr Kolar, Chairman, Občané pro (Citizens for), Czech
461. Maryna Kolchanova, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, Ukraine
462. Aleksandr Kolesnikov, Scientist, USA
463. Olesia Kolesnyk, Не працюю, Ukraine
464. Iryna Koliubinska, Lawyer, UKRAINIAN
465. Peter Koller, Self Employed, German
466. Hanna Kolodnic, Consultant, Ukraine
467. Hanna Kolodnic, Consultant, Ukraine
468. Yaroslava Kolomiets, manager,
469. Oleg Kolomiets, Freelancer, Slovak
470. Bogdan Komarenko, Engineer, Bank, Ukraine
471. Serhiy Komisarenko, Principal researcher, Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, Ukraine
472. Maria Kondratiuk, Senior Researcher, HireRight, Ukraine
473. Nico Koning, IT specialist, Dutch
474. Halyna Konovalenko, Editor, Ukrainian
475. Tsitsishvili Konstantine, Trainer, Georgia
476. Denys Kopievsky, Internal support, GEZE, Kopievsky
477. Olena Kornilova, Student, Ukraine
478. Evgen Korol, motion designer, Ukraine
479. Michal Koropecký, engineer self employed, Czech
480. Olha Korotkova, Bookkeeper, Ukrainian
481. Oksana Korsun, Psychology, Ukraina
482. Mykola Korsun, private business, Ukraine
483. Viktoria Korsun, Psychologist, Ukraine
484. Hanna Kosenko, Scientist, Ukrainian
485. Viktoriya Koshelenko, HR,
486. Halyna Kosiakova, biologist,
487. Jukka Koskelainen, Writer, Finnish
488. Ivanauskas Kostas, Director, Saugus žmogus, Lithuanian
489. Iryna Kostenko, Manager,
490. Vira Kostyschyn, Procurement and Grants Expertin, Freelancer, Ukraine
491. LILIYA KOSTYUKEVICH, retiree, Ukrainian
492. Anna Kovalchuk, Architect,
493. Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Developer, Ukraine
494. Oleg Kovpak, software developer, Ukrainian
495. Oleksandr Kovyzhenko, radio engineer, Ukrainian
496. Serhiy Kozak, Yes, Ukraine
497. Volodymyr Kozin, painter, ArtStudio, Ukraine
498. Oksana Kozlova, self-employment, ukrainian
499. Vladyslav Kozlovskyy, programmer, SOHO, Ukrainian
500. Nataliia Kozyr, Finance,
501. Michèle Krakowski, Retraitée, Française
502. Boris Kramar, Tax Consultant,
503. Niklas Kramer, Public Policy Expert, German
504. Mariana Krasna, business woman, Ukrainian
505. Igor Krasnov, marketer, Self-employed, Ukrainian
506. NataliiA Krasota, Cheesemaker, Ukraine
507. Vytautas Kratulis, CEO, Lithuanian
508. Martynas Kraujalis, programmer, Lithuanian
509. Rimanta Kraunaityte, civil servant, Lithuanian
510. Viktors Kravčenko, project coordinator, Latvian
511. Majya Kravchenko, Manager, Ukraine
512. Olena Kravchenko, retiree, Ukraine
513. tanja kravchenko, accountant, ukraine
514. Svitlana Kravchuk, Teacher, Ukrainian
515. Volodymyr Kravchuk, Pensioner, Ukrainian
516. Mykhailo KRAVCHUK, Welder, Ukraine
517. Lyudmila Kremena, Medical doctor, Ukraine
518. Lars Kretzmann, Gardener, Germany
519. Tomáš Kriššák, Project manager, OSF, Slovak
520. Peter Heinrich Krone, Pensionaer Polizei, Deutscher in Ukraine
521. Artem Krsheminsky, programmer, PKF Vybor, ukrainian
522. Nataliya Kruhlikova, Coach, Ukraine
523. Katharina Krummenacher, Teamchef,
524. Saulius Krušna, Designer, Lithuanian
525. Sergii Kryvytskyi, Sale assistant, Ukraine
526. Kostyantyn Kryzhanovskyy,, Ukraine
527. Suprun Kseniya, дизайнер, citizen of Ukraine
528. Andrew Ksionz, Video editor, PJSC “ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS OF MARIUPOL”, Ukraine
529. Kateryna Kuchmarenko, Architect, Ukraine
530. Edgaras Kučinskas, Autošaltkalvis, Lietuva
531. Vladyslav Kudryk, Journalist,
532. Roman Kuibida, lawyer, Ukraine
533. Kateryna Kulchytska, Analyst, NGO "Europe without barriers", Ukraine
534. Dušan Kulka, Partner, Berman Group s.r.o., Czech Republic
535. Dušan Kulka, Consultant, Berman Group s.r.o., Czech Republic
536. Stefan Kunterding, Teacher politics/Germany high school, Deutsch
537. Anna Kurach, Citizen, Ukraine
538. Alina Kurbatova, speech therapist, Ukrainian
539. Oleksandr Kurman, engineer,
540. Daria Kusakina, QA engineer, Soft serve inc, Ukraine
541. Aleksandr Kushnar, Chief Editor, Newsader, Russia
542. Aleksandr Kushnar, chief editor, Newsader, Russia
543. Yaroslav Kut, IT-manager, Private, Ukraine
544. Mykola Kutsij, Manager, Ukraine
545. Julia Kuusk, Accountant, Estonia
546. Olena Kuzmenko, Accountant, Ukrainian
547. Ihor Kuzmenko, docent, Kyiv polytechnical institute, Ukraine
548. Irisha Kvitochka, Pensioner,
549. Iryna Kylymnyk, Manager, Insurance compani, Ukraine
550. Oleg Kyselov, Scholar,
551. Torsten Lange, Driver, Herr, deutsch
552. Myroslava Lapii, physician, Ukraine
553. Kirichenkova Larisa, Chief editor of the electronic edition, Ltd. BALANCE CLUB, Ukraine
554. Pryadkina Larisa, Pensioner,
555. Phedyna Larisa, Doctor, Ukrainian
556. Philip Larmett, Teacher, Trainer, Self employed, British
557. Stalsberg Lars, Senior Engineer, Norwegian
558. Yurchuk Larysa, Doctor, Medical, Ukrainian
559. Yuliya Lasarenko, Translator, Self-employed, Ukraine
560. Claude Lathière, Retraitée, French
561. Rustem Latypov, Angestellte, Ukraine
562. Andrii Lavreniuk, Correspondent in France, Ukrinform, Ukraine
563. Tetiana Leheida, Content Marketer, MacPaw, Ukrainian
564. Yaroslav LEK, Programmer, private entrepreneur, Ukraine
565. Oleksandr Lemeshko, professor, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine
566. Michael Lenehan, Activist, Irish Syria Solidarity Movement, Irish
567. Vitaliy Leonov, CFO, Ukraine
568. Olena Levenko, Economist, Ukrainian
569. Hrechukh Lidiia, Ecologist,
570. Khatskevich Lidija, Programmer, Ukraine
571. Jesper Lindholt, CEO, Livatek A/S, Danish
572. Marc Lindt, Swiss citizen, Ukrainian Society in Switzerland, Swiss
573. Irina Lipnitska, Mother & Grandmother who cares, Ukraine
574. Oleksandr Lipnytskyy, Senior Consultant, Ukrainian Association of Logistics Experts, Ukraine
575. irina lipukhina, manager,
576. Anastasia Lisova, student, Taras Shevtchenko National University, Ukrainian
577. Kateryna Lisova, -, Ukraine
578. Iryna Lisyana, German teacher, Ukraine
579. Juri Litvin, Softwaredeveloper, german/ukraine
580. Taras LITVINCHUK, Driver, CEAR, Ukrainian
581. Stanislav Litvyn, Guitar builder, Ukraine
582. Iaroslav Liubchenko, Legal Specialist, USAID Health Reform Support, Ukrainian
583. Gula Liubov, appraiser,
584. Dubinska liudmyla, psychologist, pensioner, Ukraina
585. Volodymyr Liupa, IT Security, Ukraine
586. Vadim Loktev, researcher, physisist, National Academy of Sci. of Ukraine, Ukraine
587. Francesca Lomastro, historien, italiana
588. Sobolevskaja Loreta, Freelancer, Lithuania
589. Evgeni Lozynskyy, Student, German
590. Volodymyr Lsovyi, Teacher, Technical College, Ukrainian
591. Marina Lubberding, A teacher, Dutch, Ukrainian
592. Patrick Lucas, attorney, USA
593. Sabina Lüdemann, Citizen, German
594. Martyanova Ludmila, Deseñiadora de macinas agricultores, Харьковский машиностроительний техникум, Ucrania
595. Vadim Lukomski, IT,
596. Raimundas Lumbis, Selfemployd, Lithuanian
597. Anastasiia Lunova, Pharmacist, Ukrainian
598. Volodymyr Lushchiy, Marketing Manager,
599. Volodymyr Lutcenko, entrepreneur, Ukreine
600. Bohdan Lychacz, Radiologist, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Canadian
601. Andii Lykhatskyi, Software Engineer, Ukraine
602. Ihor Lysyi, Executive director, Lviv Public Organization “Ukrainian Scientists Association “E.E.S.”, Ukraine
603. Irina Lyubchenko, weigher, SOE "mine "Komsomolets of Donbass", Ukraine
604. Larisa Lyubonko, IT, Ukraine
605. Mykhailova Lyudmils, Architecture, Ukraine
606. Anna Lyukas, housewife, Ukraine
607. Irina MacKay, ESL instructor, Canada
608. Volodymyr Madiianskiy, It manager, Self employed, Ukrainian
609. Yevhen Mahda, analyst, IWP, Ukraine
610. GIgineishvili Maia, Lawyer, IDSD, Georgia
611. Michal Majzner, Project engineer, Společně to dáme, Czech republice
612. Yuriy Makar, Chemical Engineer, USA
613. Nataliia Makarenko, Project manager, SIA ltd, Ukraine
614. Serhii Makarenko, Rentner, Ukraine
615. Kateryna Makeieva, English language tutor, Ukrainian
616. Oleksii Maksymov, teacher, Akademy of Musik, Ukraine
617. Nataliia Malinina, Accountant, Fineline Global Ukraine, Ukrainian
618. Jean-Gilles Malliarakis, éditeur, française
619. Anya Mamenko, Linguist, Ukraine
620. Maya Mamenko, Tourist guide, Ukraine
621. Victoria Marcntnko, engineer, Ukrainian
622. Elena Margulis, Self employed,
623. Mihkel Margus, electronics / worker, Estonia
624. Semianiv Mariana, Hotel and restaurant manager, Ukraine
625. Dmitry Marin, Chief Technical Officer, Ukraine
626. Pavlenko Mariya, teacher, Ukrainian
627. Artem Markov, Consultant, PE, Ukraine
628. Vadym Markov, Scientist, Ukraine
629. Olga Martens, Teacher, Germany
630. Leo Martin, Projektleitung, Deutschland
631. Jürgen Martin, Vorsitzender, Ukraine-Hilfe-Vorpommern e.V, Deutsch
632. Jorge Martinho, Pharmacist, Private, Portuguese
633. Olena Martynenko, self-employed, Ukraine
634. Vitalii Martyniuk, Executive Director, CGSS21, Ukraine
635. Sparynska Masha, Student, Belgian
636. Iryna Mashlai, Web designer,
637. Marina Matevosian, programmer, Ukraine
638. Daria Matova, HR Business Partner, Ukrainian
639. Yevhen Matsykov, pensioner, Ukrainian
640. Raimondas Matulionis, MD, EU
641. Max Matveyev, Software developer, Kromtech, Ukrainian
642. Helmut Mauch, Associate, German
643. Sebastyan Medvetskyy, EpicentrK, Ukraine
644. Andrei Meleschkin, Software Developer, Germany
645. Ramona Meleschkin, Teacher, Germany
646. Gerda Meleschkin, Product Designer, Germany
647. Olga Melnyk, pensioner, pensioner, Ukrainian
648. Olena Melnyk, HR manager,
649. Cesar Mendoza, Consulting,
650. Viktoriia Merlych, Student, Search Results Knowledge result Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Ukrainian
651. shorena Mezurnishvili, Lawyer, Georgian
652. Ritter Michael, Engineer, Austria
653. Vasily Migulin, Researcher, Russia
654. Bragilevskij Mihail, Zahntechniker, Deutschland
655. Emilia Mikkelson, Retired, Norwegian
656. Viktoria Milinevska, Ukraine
657. Kęstutis Milius, Builder, Irish
658. Rasa Miliūtė, Nurse/Manager, Lithuanian
659. Sandra Miller, Interior designer, Self employed, United States of america
660. Darius Miniotas, Filmmaker, Lithuanian
661. Olexandr Minkov, Engineer, Ukrainian
662. Alexandr Minkov, Engeenier, Ukrainian
663. rcheulishvili mirian, Freelancer, Georgia
664. Svitlana Mirianova, Brand manager, Ukraine
665. Oleksii Mishchenko, Photographer, Ukrainian
666. Oksana Mitsova, Specialist, Clinical trials, Ukraine
667. Alex Moisiienko, Student, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy, Ukraine
668. Oleksandra Kunovska Mondoux, Main UN Representative, Geneva, WFUWO
669. Mike Mord, Businessman, Floridian
670. Marina Morgun, housewife, Ukrainian
671. Vilius Morkūnas, Salesmen, JSC Guolmeta, Lithuanian
672. Andrii Moroz, Web Developer, Ukrainian
673. Ludmila Moroziuk, Business, Ukrainian
674. Valeriy Moshkovskiy, Cooperator, Zhytomyr region national police department, Ukraine
675. Aleksandr Motev, musician, Ukraine
676. Gytis Motiejunas, technical designer, Lithuanian
677. Vasyl Moysiyenko, First vice-rector, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy, Ukraine
678. Giorgi Mshvenieradze, Lawyer, Gerogian
679. Nino Mumladze, Software Engineer, Sir, Greek
680. Viktor Muravskyi, Quant, Ukrainian
681. Switlana Mygowycz, Manager, Ukraina
682. DMYTRO MYKHAILOV, N/A, N/A, Ukrainian
683. Orest Mykhalchyshyn, Expert, Safege, Ukraine
684. Oleksandr Mykhaylov, Civil engineer, Ukraine
685. Kostiantin Myronenko, entrepreneur, ukrainian
686. Iryna Myshchenko, Teacher, Ukraine
687. Yutiy Mysiv, student, Ukraine
688. Inna Nabokova, UI/UX Designer, Ukraine
689. Shkrobot Nadiia, Doctor, Tyvriv central hospital, Ukrainian
690. Revaz Nadiradze, ჟურნალისტი, Herr,
691. Nataliya Nahurska, Business operator,
692. Fedorova Natalia, self employed, Офисній центр Ірва., Ukrainian
693. Komarova Natalia, Translator, Self-employed, Ukrainian
694. Sadovska Natalia, Musician, Housekeeper, Ukrainian
695. Zaitseva Natalia, Pensioner, Ukrain
696. Bondarets Nataliia, banking specialist, Ukraine
697. Alieksandrova Nataliya, accountant,
698. Tkachuk Nataliya, Teacher, Ukrainisch
699. Polina Navrotska, manager, Ukraine
700. Dmytro Nazarchuk, Manager, Ukraine
701. Mykhailo Nazarenko, associate professor, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
702. Victoria Nazarenko, Editor, Ukraine
703. Vitaliy Nedyalkov, manager, Ukraina
704. Tamara Neimet, Translator,
705. Orischechko NEJFELD TATJANA, Bibliotekarin, Ukrainisch
706. Tatyana Nekroenko, Entrepreneur, Israel
707. Olena Nemyrovska, Lawyer, Ukrainian
708. Oksana Nesterenko, Designer, HLR, Ukraine
709. Yurii Nikitchenko, Dentist, Ukrainian
710. Irina Nikolaenko, Pensioner,
711. Olha Nikolaienko, editor,
712. Gviniashvili Nikolo, Project Assistant, NGO "Equality Movement", Georgian
713. Mykola Nikulin, Translator, Ukraine
714. Valérie Noël, Juriste, Belgian
715. dijana norkiene, SCLT, Brooklyn College, Lietuve
716. Paulius Norkus, Manager, Solutio Medica, Lithuania
717. Victoria Nosikovska, Teacher, Kyiv, school 29, Ukraine
718. Hanna Nosova, translator, self employed, USA
719. Andrej Ferdinand Novak, Consultant, European Cosmopolitan Consulting, German
720. Michel Nowé, job seeker, Belgian
721. François Nowé, Agronomist, Belgian
722. Tatishvili Nugzar, Chef, TWC Transgender Women Center in Georgia, Georgia
723. Anatolii Nykoniuk, Biotechnolog,
724. Geoffrey Oates, Retired, Ex Army, British
725. Thibaud Ochem, Personal Assistant, Alter Domus, French
726. Vadym Ocheretiany, worker, ukrainian
727. Luba Lilian Ochota, Lecturer -retired, SA School of Art - University of SA, Australia- German born
728. Bernhard Oehler, Photographer, German
729. Valentina Okhlopkova, President, "FAIRNESS CORPS" Civic organization, Ukraine
730. Serhii Okhrimenko, Builder,
731. Tyshchenko Oksana, musician,
732. Shmigelsky Oksana, Real Estate Sales, Canada
733. Oksana Oksana, Economists,
734. Laura Olejniczak, student, Polish
735. Barannykov Oleksandr, lawer, Aleksgarantmarket, Ukraina
736. Makarenko Oleksandr, Chemistry,
737. Logvinenko Oleksandr, Ouvrier, Ukrainien
738. Dolynyak Oleksandr, winegrower, ukrainian
739. Borsuk Oleksandr, Programmer, Ukraine
740. Krapivner Oleksandr, retiree,
741. Cherkashyn Oleksii, Software developer, Ukrainian
742. Bogdan Oleksiuk, journalist,
743. Perevertova Olena, Economist, Ukraine
744. Ignate Olena, A teacher,
745. Vienko Olena, pensioner, Ukraine
746. Litvinova Olena, engineer, private person, Ukrainian
747. Marchenko Olga, Manager, Self-employed, Ukraine
748. Martens Olga, Lehrerin, deutsch
749. Scheidt Olga, Freelance Translator, Ukraine
750. Savanzha Olha, Nurse, Ukrainian
751. Vitali Olijnik, project manager, private, Ukrainian
752. Peter Oliver, Visiting Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, British
753. Natalia Onischenko, Veterinary, Ukrainian
754. Sergey Onishchenko, Manager, Ukraine
755. Vitalii Onisimchuk, Software Engineer, Ukrainian
756. Michael Onyskiw, Engineer, United Kingdom
757. Yurij Opyr, Retired, Ukrainian
758. Vitalie Osadciuc, Builder, Romania
759. Pavel Osipovic, Softwareentwickler, Germany
760. Iryna Osis, stock market specialist, Ukrainian
761. Volodymyr Ostapchuk, citizen of Ukraine, Ukrainian
762. Anna OSTAPETZ, Docteur Anesthesiste-réanimateur, France
763. Peter Osten, Richter i.R., Deutsch
764. Lyubov Ostrenko, Pensioner, Ukraine
765. Anatoliy Ostrenko, Pensioner, Ukraine
766. Nataliia Ostriianina, Travel manager, UKRAINE
767. Andrii Ovcharenko, Programmer, Ukrainian
768. Svetlana Ovchinnikova, psychologist, Ukraine
769. Georgii Ozerianskyi, Senior Business Analyst, UBS Poland, Ukraine
770. Oksana Ozgenc, Banker, Ukrainian
771. Oxana Pachlovska, professor, University of Rome "Sapienza", Ukraine/Italy
772. Milda Palubinskas, Assistant Director, Columbia University, Lithuanian
773. Andriy Panasenko, Self employed, Ukraine
774. Nataliia Panchenko, Chairwoman of the board, "Euromaidan-Warsaw" foundation, Ukraine
775. Svitlana Panchenko, Purchasing manager, Ukraine
776. Kristin Panse, Teacher, German
777. Oleksiy Panych, philosopher, translator, "Spirit and Letter" Publishing House, Ukraine
778. Iklymov Parahat, Шафёр, Iklymov Parahat, Туркменистан
779. Aleksei Parnowski, Senior researcher, Space Research Institute, Ukraine
780. Olga Pasechnikova, Fine Artist, Independent Fine Art Studio, Australian
781. Pavlo Pasichnyi, Manager, Monomakh, Ukrainian
782. Edward Passetchnikov, Project Manager, Australia
783. Jean-Pierre PASTERNAK, Manager, FRENCH
784. Theo Pauthonier, Student, France
785. Inna Pavlova, Economist, Ukraine
786. Yaroslav Pavlysh, economist, Ukraine
787. Pavlo Pavlyuk, Engineer, Ukraine
788. Oleg Pedai, Recruitment Coordinator, Ukraine
789. Bjarne Kim Pedersen, writer, Danish
790. Vitalii Peichev, First Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine
791. Tetiana Pelletier, Artist, Carnaval de Québec, Ukrainian
792. Lothar Penning, freier Journalist, privat, deutsch
793. Nataliya Penning, Wirtschaftsinformatikerin, privat, deutsch
794. Yevhen Perepelytsia, Artist, Freelancer, Ukraine
795. R.Lorena Perissinotto, Supervisor,
796. Andrius Petrauskas, Businessman, Lithuanian
797. Natalia Petrenko, biologist,
798. Dmytro Petrenko, IT Specialist, Ukraine
799. Vaidotas Petronis, Director, Project Management and Training Center, Lithuanian
800. Daryna Petryshyn, Activist, Vidsich, Ukrainian
801. Mariya Pfiffner, Teacher, Klubschule Migros, Switzerland
802. Julia Pich, Lawyer,
803. Christian Pieper, Prosecutor, german
804. Iryna Pieper, Philologist, Ukrainan
805. Lada Pimenova, engineer, Ukraine
806. George Pinchuk, Professor Emeritus, Mississippi University for Women, USA
807. Oleksii Pinkovskii, Engіneеr, Ukraine
808. Svetlana Pisareva, financial analyst,
809. Iuliia Pischanska, Director, Historical museum, Ukraine
810. Jens Piske, Webdesigner, Deutsch
811. Oleksandr Plias, Software Developer, Ukraine
812. Tatyana Plyusnina, Head of HR, Bank, Ukraine
813. Evgenia Pochoma, Office-employee, Ukraine
814. Gediminas Pocius, Civil servant, Lithuanian
815. Anton Pokhyla, Combat veteran/corporate business, Ukrainian
816. Artur Polanski, Teacher, Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr I we Wrocławiu, Polish
817. Oleksandr Poleiko, Student, Ukraine
818. Oresia Poletko, Fremdsprachenassistentin, Private, German
819. Julia Polibina, engineering,
820. Nataliia Polishchuk, Head of department,
821. Oleh Poloz, translator, writer, Ukrainian
822. Lidiya Polshchuk, Mom, Ukrainian
823. Lena Poltoradnya, assistant to CEO, German
824. Oleh Poludnenko, IT, Ukraine
825. Maksym Poluliakh, IT Engineer, Ukraine
826. Olga Polynska, acountant, Ukraine
827. Andrii Ponochvnyi, head, home, ukrainian
828. Iryna Popova, Artist of orcestra, Ukraine
829. Bohdana Porada, Comptable, Ukrainienne
830. Pavlo Postnikov, Manager, Ukrainian
831. Olha Posunko, Historіаn, Ukraine
832. Anna Povazhna, teacher, Ukraine
833. Ganna Pozdniakova, businesswomen,
834. Anzhela Prazdnichnykh, Medical doctor, Ukrainian
835. Roman Pribaten, Microbiologist, Ukraine
836. Alla Priimak, Doctor, Ukraine
837. Joanna Prisiajniouk, Ptesident, Insurance Agency, US
838. Aleksandr Priven, designer, Ukraina
839. Jurko Prochasko, researcher, publicist, Ivan Franko Institute of AS Ukraine, Ukraine
840. Tomáš Procházka, artist, teacher, Handa Gote research&development, Czech
841. Sergiy Proshchenko, electronics technician, USA
842. Alla Provotorova, Project manager, Ukraine
843. Olha Prykhodko, English & German teacher, Sumy secondary school #18, Ukraine
844. Olesia Prykhodko, surveyor, "russian"
845. Jerry Prystay, Machinist, One person, Ukrainian
846. Oleh Prystupa, Art Director /Advertising, BBDO, Ukrainian
847. Alla Puskar, Student International Relations, German
848. Theodor Quendler, regional development pnning, privat, Austria
849. Milen Radev, Self employed, Germany
850. Yurii Radiev, Master's Student, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Ukrainian
851. Galyna Radkw, hotel receptionist, American
852. Dumitriu Radu, Civil activist, Romanian
853. Mrozin Raia, Psychologist,
854. Karel Rais, Psychiatrist / Psychoterapeut, Czech
855. Olena Rakityanska, Teacher, Ukraine
856. Nadiia Rakiv, Business Analytic, Ukrainian
857. Alexandra Rakowsky, Prof. of Spanish, Ret., USA
858. Yusupov Ramil, Work, Work, Ukraine
859. Artem Rassokhin, Manager, Self employed, Ukraine
860. Konstantin Rayhert, philosopher, Ukrainian
861. Natalija Reifenstein, Teacher, ukrainerin
862. Dmytro Remestvensky, Sozialarbeiter, Deutschland
863. Antje Rempe, president /teacher, Partnerschaftsverein Charkiw-Nürnberg, German
864. Volodymyr Renom, IT Engineer, Ukraine
865. Oleg Repetylo, IT Project Manager, Ukraine
866. Andrius Repsys, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Lithuanian
867. Igor Reshetnyak, Researcher, EPFL, France
868. Wolf Reyscher, police officer, Home Office of NRW / Germany, Germany
869. Natalia Riabchenko, Seniour Researcher, Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of sciences, Ukraine
870. Robert Richter, Forensic Support Specialist, Peerstar LLC, United Atates of America
871. Gediminas Rimkevičius, building engineering and economy, EU citizen, Lithuanian
872. Zdeněk Řípa, retired, Czech
873. Kulnickaite Rita, Manager, Private company, Lithuanian
874. Victor Rivas, software engineer, EU (Spanish)
875. Werner Robert, CEO, djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Germany
876. Witold Rodkiewicz, University lecturer, Centre for East European Studies, University of Warsaw, Polish
877. Tamulis Rokas, Designer, Lithuanian
878. Kushnaryov Roman, IT Recruiter,
879. Ivana Roušalová, důchodce, CZ
880. Jean-Pierre Roussain, Registrar, Federal Government, France
881. Anna Rozak, Administration, Belgian
882. Jenyfer Rozensteins, Health Education Consultant, Australian
883. Vladimir Roztocil, guide, CR
884. Oleksandr Ruchka, Manager, Ukraine
885. Robert Rudolph, Geograf und Stadtplaner, Herr, Deutschland
886. Volodymyr Rudzynskyi, Teacher, Vittra Sollentuna school, Sweden
887. Zelenkov Ruslan, .Net Developer, Ukrainian
888. Lakhmanyuk Ruslana, Nurse, Ukrainian
889. Nadiya Russ, Contract Manager, Ukrainian
890. Yuliya Ruzhenko, engineer designer,
891. Liudmyla Rybalka, Lecture, University, Ukraine
892. Paul Rybchenko, IT, UA
893. Iryna Rybytva, Employee, Ukrainian
894. Alexander Rygalov, сварщик, человек, немец
895. Petro Sachuk, Procurement, Finance, Ukrainian
896. Fethi Kurtiy ŞAHİN, Research Assistant, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
897. Anna Saienko, Unemployed, Ukrainian
898. Sergey Samoylenko, Lawer, Russia
899. Gediminass Šapkauskas, Privat business, Lithuanian
900. Volodymyr Sauliak, IT ingeneer, Ukraine
901. Nadiia Savchenko, Student,
902. Olaf Saxegaard, Consultant, Poltava Consult, Norwegian
903. Alex Sazhen, Owner, Self employed, Ukraine
904. Svitlana Schärer, Lehrerin,
905. Svitlana Schärer, Lehrerin,
906. Dr.Dagmar Schatz, LtCol Medical Service German Armed Forces (ret), Ms, German
907. Babette Scheuplein, Selfemployed, German
908. Jesper Dennis Schliemann, Self imploring, Denmark
909. Elen Schlosser, Interpreter, Freelancer, Germany
910. Jonas Schmidt, Teacher, German
911. Winfried Schneider-Deters, retired, German
912. Christian Schönwiesner, Enterpreneur, Germany
913. Horst Schumacher, Frührentner, Deutsch
914. Nepelyak Sehij, business, Ukraine
915. Oleksandr Semenchenko, Director, Ukraine
916. Olena Serdiuk, economist, Ukrainian
917. Tamara Serdyuk, General Director, Arcadia Invest LLC, Ukraine
918. Stoiniak Serhii, Lawyer,
919. Bondarenko Serhiy, Self-employed, Ukrainian
920. alla servetnyk, agree, Ukrainian
921. Fikret Shabanov, lawyer, "SHABAN HOLDING "- PRESIDENT.Consultations on international policy and economy, Azerbaydijan
922. Iryna Shafinska, Senior Technical Systems Engineer, EPAM Systems, Ukrainian
923. Lesia Shafranska, interpreter, entrepreneur, ukraine
924. Oleksii Shamrai, Software developer, Ukraine
925. Inesa Shapovalova, Manager, Ukraine
926. Olga Sharpe, translator, interpreter, Banque d’interprètes de la Capitale-Nationale, Quebec (Canada), USA
927. Nataliia Shatalova, Admin Assistant, Peace Corps Ukraine, Ukrainian
928. DMYTRO SHCHERBINA, business analyst, PE SHCHERBINA D.V., Ukraine
929. Ganna Shchygol, PhD candidate, UGent, Ukraine
930. Radek Shejbal, Actor, Czech
931. Tetiana Sheliakina, Business Analyst, IT, Ukrainian
932. Evgenii Sherbyna, Infectionist, Ukrainian
933. Ihor Shevchenko, Lawer, Ukrainian
934. Bogdan Shevchuk, self employed, ukrainian
935. Mykola Shevchuk, engineer, Ukrainian
936. Natalia Shevchuk, Musician, Ukraine
937. Nataliia Shknieieva, HR&Operations Officer, Ukraine
938. Martislav Shliaha, IT eng., UA
939. Oksana Shpak, accountant, Ukraine
940. Inna Shtovba, HRD, Ukrainian
941. Denys Shtyliuk, Glass fuser, Ukraine
942. Serghiy Shtyrov, Retiree, Ukraine
943. Igor Shugurov, Self employed,
944. Viktor Shumskyi, Lead leacher, Ilanguage, Ukraine
945. Borys Shumyatskyi, programmer, Ukraine
946. Oksana Shutenko, accounted, Ukraine
947. Natalia Shylova, project manager, Ukraine
948. Aqeel haider Sial, Manager, Construction, Pakistan
949. Andrey Sidelnikov, Политик, Международное движение “Говорите Громче!”, UK
950. Konstantin Sigov, Chief Editor, Publishing House "Spirit and the letter"/Dukh i litera, Ukraine
951. Oleh Sikalo, manager, LLC Lileya, Ukraine
952. Tobias Sikora, Administrative Assistant, Austria
953. Nadja Simon, Konferenzdolmetscherin, Freiberuflerin, Deutsch
954. Sarunas Siugzda, -, -, Lithuanian
955. Oleksandr Skarboviichuk, Business,
956. Natalia Sklyarska, Project head, Social Capital NGO, Ukraine
957. Mykola Skolozdra, Programmer, Ukraine
958. Uliana Slaba, rheumatologist, Ternopil national medical university, Ukraine
959. Maryna Slashchova, Doctor,
960. Maria Slesazeck, Projektleiterin Konfliktnachsorge Osteuropa, german
961. Horst Slesazeck, Pastor i. R., privat, German
962. Anatolii Sliusariev, QA engineer, Ukrainian
963. Jakob Smith, Travel guide, Danish
964. Jukka Soisalon-Soininen, Freelance journalist, Lawyer, Finlandia
965. Linda Solomiia, quilter, ukrainian
966. Marc Soltau, Graphic Designer, German
967. Rouslan Sorokine, Engineer, France
968. Hanna Spikhtarenko, Designer, Ukraine
970. Veiko Spolitis, Associate scholar, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Latvian
971. Tetyana Stadnyk, Content Manager, Ukrainian
972. Sheliakin Stanislav, Independent contractor, Ukraine
973. Zhelezkov Stanislav, Doctor, Homeopatic konsultashion, Ukraine
974. Anastasia Stasiuk, Psychologist, Own business, Ukrainian
975. David Steffel, Manager, Czech
976. Andrej Steinke, Interpreter, German
977. Viktor Stepanenko, Motorman, Ukraine
978. Max Stepaniuk, Tech coach, Ukrainian
979. Kateryna Stepanova, Designer, Ukraine
980. Susan Stewart, Senior Associate, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, USA
981. Svitlana Stognii, Economist,
982. Erik Storelv, Economist, Norway
983. Andreas Stowasser, Journalist, German
984. Marta Štrachová, retired, Czech Republic
985. Tetyana Strazhnyk, Director, Ukraine
986. Victoria Strelchuk, Psychologist, Ukrainian
987. Oleksandr Strielnik, Customs officer, Ukrainian
988. Ilona Strumickiene, Researcher, Lithuanua
989. Mykhaylo Stryykiv, Doctor, Ukrainian
990. Olena Stupak, Psychology, Ukraine
991. Jules Stuyck, emeritus professor, KU Leuven, Belgian
992. Valentin Sudeikin, IT, Ukraine
993. Artur Sumarokov, Cinema critic,, Ukrainian
994. Yuliia Sushko, Lawyer, Ukraine
995. Oleksandr Suvorov, Software Engineer, Toradex AG, Ukrainian
996. Darius Sveikauskas, CEO, Lithuanian
997. Korotkova Svitlana, Economist, Ukraine
998. Ronchkovska Svitlana, engineer, Ukraina
999. Bundyk Svitlana, Accountant, Ukraine
1000. Köster Switlana, Altenpflegerin, ukraine
1001. Marina Sych, teacher, Ukraine
1002. Yanina Synenko, designer, Ukrainian
1003. Olena Synytska, ass. prof Faculty of Economics, Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, Ukraine
1004. Oksana Synytsya, Teacher, Ukrainian
1005. Valerii Sysoiev, Information Security Manager, Deloitte, Ukraine
1006. Joanna Szostek, university lecturer, University of Glasgow, British
1007. Julius Tamaševičius, Project manager, Lithuanian
1008. OLEKSII TARAN, Chairman of the Board of the Public Organization, UKRAINE
1009. Ivan Taranenko, Composer, pianist, teacher, The National Academy of Music of Ukraine, Ukraine
1010. Ivan Taranenko, Composer, pianist, teacher, The National Academy of Music of Ukraine, Ukraine
1011. Chubai Taras, Musician, Ukraine
1012. Olena Tarasenko, nurse, Regional Hospital of War Veterans My answer, Ukrainian
1013. Igor Tatarenko, Student, National law University, Ukrainian
1014. Lazda Tatjana, accountant, Ukrainas atbalsta biedrība, Latvija
1015. Vlad Taushan, IT specialist, Ukraine
1016. Wolfgang Templin, Publizist, Deutsch
1017. Maarten Tengbergen, translator, Dutch
1018. Olga Terenina, librarian, Ukrainian
1019. Viktor Tereshchenko, Manufacturer, Ukraine
1020. Eleonora Terzi, accountant, Ukraine
1021. Sparynska Tetyana, teacher, Ukrainien
1022. Urs Thomann, Co-founder / Urban Planner, CANactions School for Urban Studies, Switzerland
1023. Alexander Tikhonov, Director (&Owner), Taktum LLC, Ukrainian
1024. Alla Titova, teacher, vocational school, Ukraine
1025. Oleksandr Titsa, Priwat persone, Ukraina
1026. Alla Tiunova, Self employed, Ukraine
1027. Olha Tkachenko, Attorney at law, ukrainian
1028. Andrew Tkachenko, Electrical engineer, Self-employed, UA
1029. Yuri Tkachenko, Former Judge. Attorney at Law
1030. Yuri Tkachenko, Former Judge. Attorney at Law., Ukraine
1031. Natalija Tkachuk, Lehrerin, Ukraine
1032. Maria Tkachuk, Nurse, Australian
1033. Yevheniia Todorenko, Business analyst, Ukrainian
1034. Laura Tognetti, Student, Switzerland
1035. Serhii Tokar, Call center operator,, Ukrainian
1036. Oksana Tokarchuk, Economist, Ukraine
1037. Anatolii Tolstiakov, Team Leader, PwC Service Delivery Center, Ukraine
1038. Liudmyla Tomilenko, scientist, Ukraine
1039. Dovilė Tonkūnaitė, Manager, Lithuanian
1040. Olena Tormysheva, Teacher, Ukrainian
1041. Volker Trauth, Author, German
1042. Olga Travleieva, pensioner, Ukrainian
1043. Olena Tretiak, Bookkeeper, Ukraine
1044. Vasyl Tretiakov, Banker,
1045. Nataliia Tretiakova, designer, Ukraine
1046. Yuri Tretyak, governance consultant, Ukrainian
1047. Gerhard Treutlein, Pensionär, Herr, deutsch
1048. Evgeny Trifonov, CEO/founder, business owner at Thailand, russian
1049. Filipp Trigub, Student, German
1050. Natalya Tsarenkova, mathematician, Ukrainian
1051. Natalia Tsaruk, Doctor, Ukrainian
1052. Michael Tsofnas, Moving, Owner, Israel
1053. Giorgi Tsotskolauri, Graphic Designer, Georgia
1054. Nona Tsotsoria, Expert,
1055. Anton Turchanenko, Software developer, Ukraine
1057. Alexander Tymczuk, Senior Advisor, Norwegian
1058. Оksana Tyshchenko, Senior Research Fellow, IUL NASU, Ukraine
1059. Natalia Ukrainets, Brand manager, Crystal group, Ukrainian
1060. Ukshini Ukshini, Journalist, Kosovo
1061. Tsvietkova Ulyana, engineer,
1062. Aidas Urmanavičius, Architect, lithuanian
1063. Ivan Usikov, Engineer, Ukrainian
1064. Evelina Ustinavičiūtė, Freelancer, Lithuania
1065. Zhanna Ustyuhova, As. Prof., TNU, Ua
1066. Agata Vackova, programmer, Czech
1067. Sovetchenko Vadym, Coach, Ukraine
1068. Raimundas Vaišvilas, Owner, RLDK UNITED, Lithuanian
1069. Janis Valdmanis, Logistic, Latvian
1070. Michael Válek, Financial analyst, Czech Republic
1071. Zakovorotna Valentina, Manager, Ukr
1072. Anna Valentova, social work, Czech Republic
1073. Onchul Valentyn, Drivet, Ukraine
1074. Zavertailo Valentyna, Teacher, Ukraine
1075. Ortega Juan Valida, Musiklehrerin, Deutschland
1076. Myroslav Valigunda, Manager, Canadien
1077. Michael Valko, Hotel owner, Czech Republic
1078. Esselien Van Eerten, Policy advisor, Netherlands
1079. Gerd van Egdom, verkoper Detailhandel, Nederland
1080. Otakar van Gemund, Translator/Interpreter, Dutch
1081. Vira Vardanian, Teacher, Ukrainian
1082. Volodymyr Varenyk, PhD, Cherkasy National University, Ukrainian
1083. Mariia Varfolomeieva, HR, Ukraine
1084. elsa vasseur, none, french
1085. Svitlana Vasylyeva, Meneging director, Ukrainian
1086. Seija Väyrynen, Specialist, Finland
1087. alla vaysband, Chairman, europa grenzenlos e.V., Germany
1088. alla vaysband, Vereisvorsitzende, europa grenzenlos e.V., Germany
1089. Alex Vdovychenko, Clinical Research, USA
1090. Natalia Velbovets, Editor, National Centre «Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine» (MAS), Ukraine
1091. Oleksiy Verbitskiy, Mechanic, Ukrainian
1092. KIRA VERESHCHAGINA, Translator, Freelance, Ukrainian
1093. Eddy Verhaeghe, economist, self-employed, Belgian
1094. Nosikovska Veronica, Student, KNLU, Kyiv, Ukraine
1095. Bohdan Veselovskyi, Analyst,
1096. Yana Vestel, Translator, Publishing House 'Spirit and Letter' /Dukh i Litera, Ukraine
1097. A.F. Veth, Technical Engineer, Dutch
1098. Edmundas Vezevicius, Labourer, Lithuanian
1099. Peter Vian, Enviromental worker, None, Cornish
1100. pierre viart, chargé de cours honoraire, ULB Medicine, Belgian
1101. Natalia Viatkina, Senior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Philosophy of NASU, Ukraine
1102. Reshetnjak Victor, programmer, Ukraine
1103. Maessen Victor, Self employed, Belgium
1104. Natalia Vilia-Rokhas, engineer, Ukraine
1105. Olena Vinnytska, Associate professor, Bogomolets National medical university, Ukraine
1106. Pekka Virkki, Journalist, BA on Social Sciences, Finnish
1107. Larysa Vitaggio, ., Privat, UA
1108. Dmytro Vizir, Freelancer, None, Ukrainian
1109. Vladich Vlad, Ukraine
1110. Victoria Vlasenko, journalist, Ukrainian
1111. Orest Vlasov-Ovdijenko, Journalist/retired, RFE-RL, Germany
1112. Jean-Pierre Vlérick, Magistrat émérite, Belgian
1113. Victor Voitenko, Designer, Ukrainian
1114. Uliana Voitkiv, Ekonomist, Oschadbank, Ukrainian
1115. Oleksandr Volkov, IT Consultant, Ukrainian Society in Switzerland, Ukraine and Switzerland
1116. Zhanna Volkova, Teacher, Ukrainian
1117. Oksana Voloshchuk, accountant, Ukraine
1118. Valentyna Volynets, teacher, Ukrainian
1119. Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Civil Servant, german
1120. Sophie von Waitz, Student, UCL, Germany
1121. Tetiana Vorobets, Accountant, Ukrainian
1122. Tatyana Vorobyova, Retired, Canadian
1123. Oleksandr Voroniuk, Teacher, Ukrainian
1124. Oksana Voronkova, Manager, NACP, Ukrainian
1125. Eugenijus Vosylius, Retired Colonel, Lithuanian
1126. Andriy Voytyuk, musician, self employed/show business, Ukraine
1127. Yurii Vyshnia, Head for logistic department, Viknaland LLC, Ukrainian
1128. Aida Vytienė, Unemployed,
1129. Claire Waelbroeck, Scientist, CNRS, french
1130. Matti Wallin, Medical doctor, Finnish
1131. Holger Weiblen, Lawyer, CDU, German
1132. Monika Weigand, Europa Aktivistin/ Therapeutin, Frau, Deutsch
1133. Tobias Weihmann, Software Developer, Germany
1134. Reinhard Weißhuhn, pensioneer, deutsch
1135. Nadiya Wells, Social worker, Australia
1136. Nadiya Wells, Social worker, Australia
1137. Marcus Welsch, filmdirector, perspectusfilm, German
1138. Iryna Wetzel, Area Sales Manager, Switzeland
1139. Andreas Wiemann, Consultant, German
1140. Richard Willmer, Composer, British
1141. Sally Wilton, Business person, Private individual, Uk
1142. Thomas Winter, Supply Chain Manager, German
1143. Norman Wiswell, retired, USA with Ukrainian ancestrey
1144. Volodymyr Wol, Driver, Ukraine
1145. Maryana Yablonska, General accountant, Heritage.UA Charity organization, Ukrainian
1146. Roman Yakovets, Electrical Engineer,
1147. Kyrylo Yakovliev, Software Developer, Ukrainian
1148. Ivan Yancool, Head of branch, Traid Media LLC, Ukrainian
1149. Andriy Yaniv, Manager, Ukrainian
1150. Artem Yanko, IT Security, Ukrainian
1151. Kateryna Yaresko, Head of Department of Management of Social Communications, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine
1152. Yaroslav Yaroshevych, Auditor, Ukrainian
1153. Vlada Yaroslavska, Self employed, Ukraine
1154. Oleksa Yaroslavtsev, Journalist, NGO "Near with you", Ukrainian
1155. Yevhen Yasinskyy, musician, Cultural and educational society "Prosvita" musician, Ukraine
1156. Olena Yasynska, Geology, Ukraine
1157. Konstantin Yemets, Commercial Director, Ukrainian,
1158. Shkrobot Yevhenii, Doctor, Soussa central hospital, Ukrainian
1159. Irina Yoriychyk, Pensioner,
1160. Bondarenko Yuliya, Analytical, Delta Bank, Ukrainian
1161. Nazimok Yurii, IT, Zorya, Ukraine
1162. Akimov Yurii, teacher,
1163. Kostiuk Yurii, Artist,
1164. Husnay Yurij, entrepreneur, Ukraine
1165. Oksana Yurina, Freelance Translator, Ukraine
1166. Iryna Yurko, Hairdreser, Ukrainen
1167. Oleksandr Yurov, Software developer, Ukrainian
1168. Lepesevich Yury, biologist, Russia
1169. Andrii Zablotskyi, IT, Ukraine
1170. Dierdre Zahajkewycz, Sculptor, USA
1171. Helena Zahurska, designer, Ukrainian
1172. Johann Zajaczkowski, PhD candidate, University of Bonn, german
1173. Lyubov Zarooma, Pharmacist, Ukrainian
1174. Olena Zaruma, Dr, Ukraine
1175. Oleksii Zavodov, Private entrepreneur, Private entrepreneur, Ukrainian
1176. Tatiana Zayats, educator, Kindergarten, Ukraine
1177. Sergiy Zheleznyak, Officer, National Police of Ukraine, Ukrainian
1178. Varnavsckij Zhenyaa, seckyoreti, epicentr, ukrain
1179. Vsevolod Zheyko, Unemployed civil activist., Ukraine
1180. Antony Zhilkin, Law student, Russian
1181. Kornelius Zhygurt, jeweler, ukrainian
1182. Ina Zhyhar, Taxist, Belarus
1183. Olha Zhytar, Dentist, Ukrainian
1184. Jörn Ziegler, Vorstand, German
1185. Iva Zimova, Photographer, Freelance, Canadian
1186. Jan Zindr, student, Czech
1187. Tetyana Zinkiv, Pensioner, Ukraine
1188. Yevheniia Zlamanuk, frelancer, Ukraina
1189. Václava Zouplnová, retired, Czech
1190. Denys Zubok, Lawyer, Ukrainian
1191. Iryna Zubrytska, web-designer, Ukrainian
1192. Vaidas Zujevas, Heathrow excess baggage team leader, Lithuanian
1193. Keti Zukakishvili, Lawyer, Georgia
1194. Naomi Zürcher, Urban Forester, Consulting Arborist, Swiss
1195. Ольга Амельченко, Бухгалтер, Україна
1196. Светлана Антонец, HR, Avgust Trade, Ukraine
1197. Анатолиц Ахутин, Пенсионер, Россия
1198. Светлана Барашкова, бухгалтер, Украина
1199. Юрій Бердик, Пенсіонер, Українець
1200. Юрий Берлин, Германия
1201. Вадим Буцик, Продавець, Українець
1202. Олег Валерский, энтомолог,
1203. Драгінда Віктор, Пенсіонер, Україна
1204. Владимир Яичко, участник АТО, Украина Владимир Яичко, участник АТО, Украина, риэлтор, пенсионер,
1205. Поліна Волкова, Головний Бухгалтер, ДПЗОВ "Пуща-Водиця", Українка
1206. Гогєнко Володимир, Пенсионер, Украинец
1207. Волошина Ольга Волошина Ольга, Учитель, Домохозяйка, Украина
1208. Щербій Галина, Викладач, Ліцей політики, м.Київ, Україна
1209. Валерій Гойчук, пенсіонер, Україна
1210. Андрей Денисов, Предприниматель, UA
1211. Любомир Дзендзя, Б/р,
1212. Сергій Дмитриченко, головний редактор, Національний портал "Аратта. Вікно в Україну", Україна
1213. Баков Дмитро, Художник по свету, Україна
1214. Галина Долинна, Співвласник, Центр іноземних мов "Діалог", Україна
1215. Мирошниченко Елена, пенсионер, Украина
1216. Плихина Елена, Бухгалтер,
1217. Надія Володимирівна Забранська, вчителька математики, сш №302 м. Київ, Україна
1218. Алексей Зырянов, Инженер, Россия
1219. Юрій Іваницький, фахівець,
1220. Лариса Іллюк, фрілансер, громадянка України
1221. Пастернак Ірина, Дизайнер, Видавництво "Дух і Літера", Україна
1222. Andrii Каdykalo, associate professor, Lvivska Politechika, Ukraine
1223. Инна Калабина,, Украина
1224. Юрий Капустяк, архитектор, Украина
1225. Сергей Карпенко, Frillancer,
1226. Дмитрий Козлов, Altenpflegeleger, Юлия GmbH, Русский
1227. Віктор Костюк, доцент, Запорізький національний університет, Україна
1228. Валентина Костючок, Масажист, Домогосподарка, Україна
1229. Ірина Кришталь, вчителька, Україна
1230. Алексей Куценко, IT, Украина
1231. Максим Лазорский, пенсионер,
1232. Біньковська Лариса, Домогосподарка, Українка
1233. Попадюк Леся, Оптометрист, Оптика, Українка
1234. Юрий Матвеичев, пенсионер, РФ
1235. Ірина Матес, Фотограф, Украина
1236. Олег Місірук, Кандидат у народні депутати України в ОВО#21, Ukrainian
1237. Олександр Наконечний, завідувач кафедри, Київський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка, українець
1238. Величко Наталія, Оператор контакт-центру, Українка
1239. Струк Наталія, Психолог, Уа
1240. Олександр Овсієнко, Релігієзнавець, Німеччина
1241. Пядик Олександр, наладник ЧПК,
1242. Назаренко Олексій, businessman, business, ukrainian
1243. Сергей Осташко, Предприниматель, UA
1244. Сергій Папій, підприємець, Україна
1245. Антоніна Піддубна, пенсіонерка, Україна
1246. Людмила Попович, Менеджер, Украина
1247. Юлія Саленко, Кухар, Україна
1248. Олексіїва Світлана, Бухгалтер, Українка
1249. Макуха Сергій, Охоронець,
1250. Ганна Солодченко, Бухгалтер, Україна
1251. Максим Стріха, Професор, Київський національний університет, Україна
1252. Galina Тkatchuk, Business owner, Belarus
1253. Червоненко Тетяна, Статистик,
1254. Хайкова Тетяна, пенсіонерка, Україна
1255. Лазда Тетяна, бухгалтер, Ukrainas atbalsta biedrība, українка
1256. Николай Толмачов, СЕО, Фирма «Т.М.М.-ООО», Украина
1257. Олександр Усов, IT, Україна
1258. Оксана Чебанова, Пенсионер, Украина
1259. Ирина Чередник, Домохозяйка, Украина
1260. Олексій Шевчук, Інженер,
1261. Віталій Шкробатюк, Пенсіонер, Україна
1262. Олександр Щербінкін, IT, ЧП, Україна
1263. Андрій Янковський, адміністратор, українець
1264. Nick Tykhonov, Vice, Vprovadgenne, Ukraine
1265. Roman Konizhai, Officer, NGO Rotari Club Kyiv-Sophia, Ukraine
1266. Wolodymyr Demtschuk, ESL instructor, British
1267. Inna Selinger, mother, USA
1268. Peter Heinrich Krone, police officer retired, German
1269. Оксана Литвиненко, Учитель, Україна
1270. Yury Kovalchuk, Scientist, ukrainian
1271. Marko Suprun, Director, Patriot Defence, Ukraine
1272. Udov Denys, agree, builder, ukrainian
1273. Mykola Mowczan, Retired E/I Designer, Retired, Ukrainian
1274. Walter, Volodymyr Velykyj Bilous, V.P., Trident Textile Technologies, USA
1275. Григорій Білоус, Механік, Супер Пенсіонер..., США
1276. Olexandra Vazhnenko, Community Development Officer, Australia
1277. Inna Carboni, Computer Programmer, USA
1278. Шуляев Виталий, Пенсионер, Украина
1279. Vlad Neimash, Laboratory head, Institute of Physycs National Academy of Science, ukraine
1280. Peter Walsh, Architect, Irish-Syria Solidarity Movement, Irish
1281. Gene Grigg, Farmer, USA
1282. Marianna Baranovskaa, Researcher, Ukraine
1283. Anton Yozhyk, musician, Ukraine
1284. Andrii Kovalenko, Business Owner, Ukrainian
1285. Steve Lezan, Retired, Ukrainian-American
1286. Anna Semenova, Flight stewardess, Ukrainian
1287. Darko Fedcheshen, Real Estate Principal, Australian
1288. Володимир Фединишинець, інженер, Україна
1289. Tatiana Sachartschenko, Teacher, Germany
1290. Klaurita Hasan, Language tutor, Ukraine
1291. Mariia Ustenko, Teacher, Ukrainian School in Berlin, Ukrainian
1292. Gennadii Pimakhov, IT sales manager, Ukrainian
1293. Oksana Shnypir, Manager, Acino-Ukraine, Ukraine
1294. Nato Nartkoshvili, Editor/proofreader, Private citizen, Georgian
1295. Andrey Butenko, Self employed, ukrainian
1296. Burma Sana, Linguist,
1297. Frank Østhagen, Warehouse worker, Norway
1298. Valerii Lazebnyi, Translator, self-employed, Ukraine
1299. Tetiana Tappert, Consultant, Germany
1300. Irina Chemerchenko, Translator, Ukrainian
1301. Donnie Reid, Police, Scottish
1302. Victor Tregubov, journalist, Ukraine
1303. Eileen Boyle, Psychotherapist, Private, Irish
1304. Vladimir Baryshnikov, CEO, Myself, Russia
1305. Matcharashvili Lado, Student (Political science), Georgian
1306. Maria Kazmirchuk, Volkswirtschaftslehre, LMU München, Ukrainian
1307. Antoine Arjakovsky, Historien, Français
1308. Anastasiia Prykhodko, Étudiante, Ukraine
1309. Tetiana Siefjediers, Hausfrau, Hausfrau, Ukrainerin
1310. Anna Thomale, Photographer, Romania
1311. Ilona Kovacs Ferencne, pensioner, Hungary
1312. Lauri Talve, MD, PhD, Estonia
1313. Søren Gudbrand, Teacher, Danish
1314. Nino Shengelaia, Independent human being, American / Georgian
1315. Iryna Herzon, Lecturer, University of Helsinki, Finland
1316. Marcus Walsh, Private Citizen, Finnish
1317. Asatiani Tinatin, Director, Propaganda, Georgian
1318. Lawrey Jack Smashnuk, Carpenter, Toronto Transit Carpenter Retired, Canadian
1319. Jens Alstrup, pension/activist, Danish
1320. Maksymyuk Tetyana, Translator, self employed, UKRAINIAN
1321. Jonáš Felkel, student, czech
1322. Олександр Кучерак, Науковець, Charles University in Prague, Українець
1323. Boris Miloradovich, Retired teacher, Free Citizen, Ukrainian American
1324. Arnaud Insinger, IT Architect, Insist, Netherlands
1325. Alan Shepherd, Retired, UK
1326. Ольга Коваленко, Домогосподарка, Українка
1327. Tamaz Eremin, режисер, Україна
1328. Marco Schmidberger, Financial consultant, Germany
1329. Nastia Stepanova, accountant, Ukrainian
1330. Olha Klymenko, Researcher, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Canadian
1331. Karen Giersing, Psychologist, Danish
1332. Tetiana Kukuruza, Lawyer, Ukraine
1333. George Knight, Blogger/ Theater scientist,, Dutch
1334. Jacob Isager Hansen, Student, Denmark
1335. Kristofers Akenfelds, Co-Facilitator, Latvian Ant-Corruption Action Team, Latvian
1336. Valentina Chamata, Rentnerin, Deutschland
1337. Tornike Mskhiladze, Art studies, Georgia
1338. Taavi Rebane, customer service representative, CDGE, Estonia
1339. Stephanie Kiceluk, Teacher, Prof., USA
1340. Jiří Petržilka, ID, ID, Czech

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