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BronyCAN 2017 Staff Application
Thank you for being interested in applying for staff at BronyCAN 2017. Each application will be reviewed by a lead staff member then you will be contacted via your preferred contact method. Filling out this form does NOT guarantee you a staff position but all applications are considered.
Most departments are very flexible and will allow you to go see and experience parts of the con you are looking forward to. Department leads will be able to schedule times for you to go enjoy events at the con.

If you are unsure if you are a good fit in a department or unsure of what is available please feel free to contact us at

Your name (or the name that you'd like to go by at the convention) *
We will use this to know who you are in our files and documents. Just a fan or name you prefer.
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Email Address? *
We will be contacting you regarding your application through this email. Please make sure it is an active email.
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Which department(s) were you interested in volunteering for? *
The duties listed do not cover completely what each department does. This is just a general list of jobs by each so that you can know what department will work for you. If you don't see a department that fits what you want to do at the con please add it in the other section at the bottom of this question.
Let us know if there's a certain position you would prefer over another.
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What's your availability to work? *
What age will you be in August 2017? *
We need this information as to properly assign you a position at the con. Some positions may have age requirements or restrictions. You need to be at least 14 to volunteer with BronyCAN.
What is your geographic location? *
Some departments require more in person work than others. Knowing your location also helps us connect you to other staff in your area. We are a well traveled group!
Have you worked as a volunteer at a convention before? If so, let us know what you did and what was involved in being on the team. *
Letting us know any previous event experience will give us some background on whether you would fit a specific position or not. We might also be able to suggest a position based on your experiences!
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What's your Discord name (if you have one)
Formatted like name#12345. At BronyCAN we run staff department communications through the Discord application. Our staff meetings are also run this way, so if you do not have a Discord you may be asked to get one.
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Other contact info (Telegram, phone, etc)
Any other way we can contact you?
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Tell us a bit about yourself. *
Joining BronyCAN staff is like joining a big loving family. We just like to know who you are and what your passion is! Tell us whatever you'd like!
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Do you have any type of first aid training?
First Aid training of all levels is very useful here at BronyCAN. We like to know who is available if something were to happen.
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Any last questions or comments?
Ask away so we can address your question or comment in the reply email to this form.
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