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1 Minute, 1 Day, Unlimited Hours

Today the USC School of Law Pro Bono Program is taking a snapshot of the many volunteers who have participated in a USC School of Law Pro Bono Program activity this academic year. During the year we do not ask you to keep track of your hours. It is not a measurement that we consider as important as the actual service you provide.

But just for fun we thought we would let you ESTIMATE how many hours of pro bono service you performed since August 2018 until today. Only include the estimate of those hours for projects under the umbrella of the Pro Bono Program; not student organizations, etc.

We think you will be surprised by how much time you have donated. The hours collected in 24 hours are an interesting snapshot but not a true measure of your service and the impact it has had. The impact on you and those you have served is immeasurable!

In our mind you are priceless!

Thank you in advance for 1 Minute of your time!

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Estimated # of hours you spent on USC Law Pro Bono Program projects ( include training hours)
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What has been the most effective way you have discovered pro bono opportunities?
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