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The Changing Landscape of Women's Sport
Thank you for taking the time to complete this voluntary questionnaire. The data from this questionnaire will only be used to contribute towards my Year 12 Society and Culture Personal Interest Project, which concerns female sports participation and how attitudes and opportunities have evolved over time. All answers are anonymous and treated as confidential outside this project, so please respond with honesty and authenticity to give the accurate results.
What is your gender? *
What is your age? *
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What is your postcode?
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Do you/did you participate in an organized sport? *
If so, what are the sports you participate(d) in?
What is/was your main reason for participating in sport?
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your opportunities to pursue a career in your sport? (either as an athlete or within other areas e.g administration, coaching). Note: this is in relation to the opportunities available you, not your own ability and skills.
Very Good
Do you believe women have equal opportunities to pursue professional careers in sport today?
Do you believe women have had equal opportunities to pursue professional careers in sport in the past?
In your experience, what would you say is currently the biggest barrier to women participating in sport?
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Do you believe this has changed over time? If so, what would you say WAS the biggest barrier to women participating in sport?
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As a whole, the environment and perception of women's sport has evolved significantly over the past few decades. How do you feel about this statement?
Some people see sport to be "a man's world". How true do you believe this statement to be today?
Do you believe there has been a significant increase in interest in women's sport over recent years?
Have you ever experienced discrimination in relation to your participation or involvement in sport?
Do you have a personal experience where you have felt unable to, hesitant or uncomfortable to participate in any level or position within sport?
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What do you see to be the biggest factors contributing towards increased equality between male and female sports and/or athletes?
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Female participation in sport has experienced significant growth in recent times, as shown in Australian statistics denoting a 20% increase since 1985. Select all options which you believe have caused or influenced this growth most significantly
What do you believe are the main factors which detract women away from sports involvement or participation?
Your answer
From the list below, what are the main terms you believe accurately represent female athletes and sport participants?
From the list below, what terms do you believe are often used to describe female athletes and sports participants?
Do you believe there is a significant pay gap between male and female athletes?
Have major sports events, e.g Olympics, Women's World Cup, changed your perception around women's sport?
From below, who do you believe has the greatest power to influence the progression of women's sport?
On a 1-10 scale, how would you rank the growth in media coverage of women's sports in the past 10 years
No growth
Significant growth
As a whole, do you believe there is a general acceptance for female sport participation in today's climate in Western society?
In your upbringing, do you feel you were taught that sport participation/careers were appropriate and acceptable for females?
Do you believe there is less stigma around women in sport then within the 20th century?
On a 1-5 scale, how prominent do you believe sexism is within the sporting environment today?
Not prominent at all
Extremely prominent
Do you believe the sporting landscape can ever become entirely equal?
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