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Finding Light
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"In this workshop we learn to produce strong Portraits with available light. Starting with a theoretical Unit and discussing Portrait light in a studio situation, we then take a Photowalk in the city trying to find similar light situations utilising available light sources. The participants will take Photos of each other in the spots we find, using their own camera system. In a final Unit we will edit the best results together in Photoshop." - your mentor, Wolfgang Bohusch.

Who should attend?
The attendees don’t have to be familiar with photography. They need to have wish to learn about photography walking through Novi Sad. Certainly anyone who already knows or wants to learn how a portrait works through a lens can attend the workshop. Don't forget to bring your cameras, relax and get ready for one cool workshop!

The workshop will be held from 11th till 13th October.

The registration fee for this workshop is 20 euros.

The application will be considered successful after the registration fee has been paid.
Other details about the workshop and how you can make a payment will be sent to you by email after filling out this application.

** PDP is committed to developing and educating young talent. If you would like to participate in the workshop and the financial possibilities prevent you from paying the registration fee, please contact us at mail - send us your portfolio and briefly describe why it is important for you to attend the workshop and we will consider your inquiry **
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