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Synthstrom Audible Records SA02 Track Submission
To have a recording considered for inclusion on the sophomore vinyl & digital collection from Synthstrom Audible (released October 2020), please fill in the following.

Forms must be submitted by Feb 24th, 2020. (11:59pm US EST). Selected artists notified by May.

Artists who already appear on SA01 'Release' cannot be considered for SA02.

Any genre accepted. Though tracks of any length will be considered, due to the restrictions of vinyl length, we will be limiting edits for the vinyl to be maximum 5 minutes in length, though full length version can be on the streaming edition. If your song is longer than five minutes, we will ask you to provide us with a shorter 'vinyl edit', if selected.

You can absolutely submit recordings using external synths/equipment, effects units or with some post-processing in a DAW, but bare in mind if your track is selected you'll need to provide evidence that the track was made and can be performed on a Deluge. A Deluge needs to have been/be instrumental in the creation/performance of this song - if we don't feel a Deluge was a key part of the composition/arrangement/performance of the song we obviously can't offer a place on a compilation which showcases the instrument.
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Song title *
"Demo" or "Untitled" is fine for the moment - you will have a chance to rename if selected.
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Download link to audio file
Privately hosted elsewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) that I can download an MP3. No WAV or AIFF files please.
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Soundcloud link (private or public)
Instead of providing me a link to download, you may instead send me a Soundcloud link. No other platforms accepted though, this includes Bandcamp. Song must be submitted as an MP3 download (above) or as a Soundcloud link.
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Previous release details
If this recording has been previously released / available elsewhere online, please include details below. It may already be released, as long as this would be the tracks first appearance on vinyl.
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A) Submitted recordings will be played 'blind' to a panel of musicians to select their favourites.
B) You will be notified by May 3rd (or earlier) if successful. You must also then provide evidence of being composed on a Deluge and a final WAV or AIFF (mastered or unmastered) by May 15th. (Details on how to do so will be provided by May 3rd)
C) We will then arrange for those songs to be mastered for vinyl and digital.
D) Each artist selected for the collection will receive two complimentary copies of the vinyl pressing (at release time).
E) Once project costs are covered including mastering, pressing & packaging, distribution and promotion, any profits (derived from both digital and vinyl) will be split 50/50 between Synthstrom Audible and the artists. Each track will receive an even share.
F) Payments will be made twice yearly and only whenever each artist is owed more than $20USD.
G) This agreement is non-exclusive. You may distribute the recording on any other platforms and you retain all copyrights.
Please confirm you understand the following *
Don't worry, this is not a contract. If your track is selected for the collection, you will be presented with a proper one-page agreement. This is simply giving us an indication that you understand the conditions of being part of the collection.
Is this your second track submitted for SA02?
Because the whole point of this continuing project of releases and events is to encourage the community to support others in the community, therefore, any person purchasing the previous compilation may submit two tracks for consideration for the following one. If you've pre-ordered the 'Release' vinyl or plan on purchasing on the tour, you can indicate below, and we'll accept a second submission for SA02.
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