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Join YCBC's Global Action Team!
Welcome, prospective world changer. Youngchange Bestchange is looking for a diverse team of young visionaries to make a difference and enact positive social change. As a member of the global action team, you'll work hand in hand with existing YCBC members to innovate creative solutions to social problems facing youth today. By being part of a truly global team, with approximately 50 percent international membership, you'll be exposed to new perspectives and fresh ways of looking at problems. YCBC has already had a successful year in 2015, with over 88 nationalities visiting the website and over 11,000 unique views on articles, but you could help propel us to record highs. More information on what YCBC stands for can be found at

Benefits to joining the action team
1) Access to all of Youngchange-Bestchange's resources, connections, and support for any social project you initiate
2) Ability to collaborate with other like minded change-makers and forge long-lasting bonds
3) Tangible experience in social activism, perfect for college or job applications.
4) Opportunities to improve leadership, entrepreneurship, and cross cultural communication skills

Here's what being a Global Action Team member would specifically entail

1) Commitment to start an event/ outreach project in your community or create an affiliate club at your school that deals with an important issue related to youth today.
2) Infrequent group calls to check in and coordinate
3) Regular communication with members of the team in groupchats and occasional calls.
4) Coordinating with outside social justice organizations, frequent use of leadership skills, and communicating with prospective youth activists across the world

All teenagers aged 15 to 19 are encouraged to apply, including students outside the U.S.

YCBC wishes you the best of luck!

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