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TNT Athlete Profile
TNT aims to have our riders participate in a well developed and coached environment that is fun, safe and suitable for everyone involved. We understand that a kid's level of physical and mental development does not always correlate, nor does it alway correspond with their age.

As a result, we ask that each rider complete the following TNT Athlete Profile form. This will help us better understand new riders and for us to weigh in on riders who wish to participate in a group that is typically considered inconsistent with their age or ability level.
Name; DOB; height; weight: *
Which TNT Program are you joining *
Parent(s) Name: First and Last. *
Siblings: First name and age. *
Preferred mode of travel: *
Three favorite sports, and why? *
Hobbies or talents. *
Reason for joining TNT? *
Family travel experience. *
Travel experiences with other teams. *
Competitive teams/organizations. *
Non-competitive teams/organizations. *
Favorite MTB trail/s and why? *
List/explain any significant sport related injuries. *
Explain your most memorable time on a MTB. *
Favorite riding partner, why? *
Average number of MTB rides per summer and average length of each ride. *
From 1-10, how would you rate yourself as a MTB rider? (1: tricycle worthy, 10: Danny MacAskill gives two enthusiastic thumbs up)
Explain a significant adverse or challenging situation you overcame. *
Additional comments:
Please provide a brief rider bio for race announcers and TNT webpage. *
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