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OTIS Feedback Form
*Note - please do read all the information below, I guarantee at least a quarter of it is relevant and useful.*

Greetings and welcome to an OTIS feedback thing! All but a few essential questions are optional, fill in as many or as few questions as you have time for. Every answer helps make the next revision of OTIS better!
A polite notice
We have already finished making significant changes to the design since the revision 1 boards were made many months ago. We were meant to receive responses from this form before beginning work on revision 2, but the c word interfered with plans and the sending out of the kits was hugely delayed. Below is a list of changes we have already made, please tailor your responses to the questions on the next page accordingly. We will try and implement your advice so your time spent filling out this form is appreciated. On to Section 2!

A power indicator has been added to aid troubleshooting.
The battery holder has been swapped out for one that is far easier to install.
Pads to connect an external power supply have been added.
The splines have been sufficiently reticulated.
The size of the SMD parts has been made significantly bigger and the total amount has been reduced by two.
The badge pin has been moved further away from the pads.
The traces have been made larger and spaced further apart. This should prevent damage by abrasion exposing and bridging traces.
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