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Project Hayei Sarah - NOVEMBER 11th tour to Hebron SIGN-UP
Project Hayei Sarah - Educational Tour of Hebron

On FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11th, join Project Hayei Sarah on a tour to the city of Hebron.
We will be guided by Breaking the Silence, an organization of veteran IDF soldiers who have served in the West Bank and in the Gaza strip, and seek to create an honest debate about the moral price of military rule over the Palestinians, in order to end the occupation.

On the weekend of Parshat Hayei Sarah, thousands of visitors from Israel, settlements and the Diaspora, flood the area of the Israeli settlement in Hebron, celebrating the biblical story of the purchasing of the Tomb of Patriarchs by Abraham, from Ephron the Hittite. So long as the celebration of the holy city in Hebron lasts, the Palestinian residents of Hebron are severely restricted from moving freely in their city. These restrictions add to the year long restrictions on movement in the area of the Israeli settlements, including the Shuhada street, once the main market of Hebron, now closed to Palestinians for over 20 years. The tour will explore the effect of an Israeli settlement in a city of 200,000 Palestinians. The only Palestinian city with a settlement in the heart of it.

Project Hayei Sarah initiated by a group of rabbinical students, rabbis, Jewish educators & lay-leaders who have spent time in Hebron and grappled with the difficult realities they encountered there. In light of our awareness of violations of human dignity in Hebron, many in the name of Judaism, Project Hayei Sarah seeks to:
●Educate Jewish communities about the history, complexity & current reality of our relationship to the holy city of Hebron.
●Reclaim Parshat Hayei Sarah, a text often used to justify violence & displacement, as an entry point into communal conversations about the situation in Hebron today.
●Spark individual & collective action towards a reality in Hebron that is reflective of our highest Jewish ideals.

We will depart from Gan haPa'amon (Liberty Bell Park) at 8:00am sharp, and will return to Gan haPa'amon by 2:30pm (candle-lighting is at 4:02pm).

All participants need their passport, and are encouraged to bring:
- Hat and water
- Comfortable walking shoes
- A packed lunch

Please fill out your details below, and you'll receive more information a week prior to the date. The tour does not require payment, but if you wish to donate to Breaking the Silence in order to cover the bus fee, you are welcome to donate on the day of the tour.

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