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Couleur Café 2020 - (R) -  Dossier de sélection

At Couleur Café, we believe in providing our public with a food experience they cannot forget, whether helping their taste buds travel to exotic destinations or offering people a unique experience.

What does that entail ?

Tents and food-trucks  - we are looking for 40 options for this new edition.
Eco-friendly festival - only biodegradable material is tolerated, preferably edible.
Vegetarian, vegan, local, slow-food, organic (bio)  and HOME-MADE meals.

Please thoroughly complete all the actions that your organisation undertakes to be eco-freindly and socially responsible.
Please propose a MINIMUM of 2 vegetarian options.
Please include pictures of your food stall, ( food, staff and stall) – send via email to
Please include your definite menu* (items and price,) - no variation is authorised.
Ensure all is completed online and all documents have been sent as per requested, otherwise your file will not be eligible.
Foodtrucks , if qualified you will need to send us your VINCOTTE or equivalent certification
Min 4€ à dish
It is forbidden to cook with food and charcoal, only electrical or gas cooking are authorised
Please include your definite menu* (items and price,) - no variation is authorised.

*We reserve the right to ask adaptations to your menu - this will be asked as part of your acceptation process.

Terms and conditions 2020 (in french only)
Please read our terms and conditions, before signing.

Terms in FRENCH :
Terms and conditions *
What actions do you do to be social and ecological responsible in your business. Answers can be done in your mother tongue. *
Languages(s) *
Billing information
Please complete the following information so you can be invoiced at the end of the festival.
Name of Organisation (to be invoiced) *
Billing address (Street + N°) *
Billing Adress: Postal Code *
Billing Adress : City *
Billing Adress : Country *
VAT number and/or VAT IntraCommunautaire  VALID (please send us the appropriate documentation for the European VAT number) *
Contact person
Please complete  the information, regarding the person who will be in charge on site.
Family Name *
First Name *
Email address *
Telephone number (please indicate as following e.g. 32 2 345 67 67 or 32 477 567 567) *
Valid Website, Facebook page
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