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Knights PTR 60 Day Nutrition Challenge
This is a nutrition challenge like nothing we've ever done before. This isn't a strict “insert-name-of-current-fad-diet” challenge. This is about food education and making good choices. We all know diets don't work long term and that healthy life choices are really the most important thing. We have partnered with MealFit to bring you a system that hopefully will set you up for success. Below are the guidelines for the challenge along with some suggested food items and educational tools. The challenge will operate on the honor system and you'll be responsible for tracking your own points on a daily and weekly basis. Knights PTR will provide all participants with everything they need to keep track of their points, and daily WOD programming. MealFit will be there for all your nutritional education.

The cost to participate in the challenge is $20.00. This will go toward the prizes for the winners. The dates of the challenge are May 1st through June 30th, with official weigh ins on those same days for those wishing to participate in the most weight lost prize category.

In this challenge the men and the women will be scored separately. There will be a male and female winner for most points earned. There will also be a male and female winner for most weight lost. And finally, we’ll also choose one participant at random to win a prize. There will be prizes provided from Knights PTR and MealFit.
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