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MarketsWiki World of Opportunity Education Series New York 2017, Multiple Person Enrollment
Please use this form to enroll multiple people from the the same company.

If you are just enrolling a single person, please do not use this form; use the 'single person' form.

If you are the supervisor and wish to attend with your employees, in the 'session information section' below, you must enter your own name along with the people you are enrolling.

If more than 9 people will be enrolled, please do not use this form. Instead, send the information below to (there is a discount for 10+ people).

What is your company or school name? *
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What is your (the supervisor) name? *
Note that all invoices will be sent to your email address.
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What is your (the supervisor's) email? *
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Please list the names and email addresses (first, last, email address) of anyone attending the entire series (all sessions).
A confirmation email will be sent directly to each attendee, not to the supervisor. If someone on the list will not be attending the entire series, please note next to the name which sessions will be attended.
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