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We are beyond excited to offer ELITE to our very best VIPs!! To simply state we place a once monthly mystery warehouse order for the requested items of our ELITE members! We'll order TWO in your requested item and you can choose which one you want, AND you'll have first dibs on the additional one if you love it as well! The reason you want to be an ELITE member is because it's like AMAZON PRIME! FREE SHIPPING!!! You DO pay shipping on your ELITE enrollment mystery item, but then for the rest of the month, shipping is on us!!
💕You can order whatever you want as long as that item is in stock! It can simply be a pair of leggings or why don’t you try a specialty item like a DISNEY item, our workout pants or men’s top!
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Available styles! Please see our pinned post in our VIP group for price and size chart information
Adeline, Amelia, Ana, Azure, Bianka, Carly, Cassie, Classic, Gigi, Gracie, Harvey, Irma, Jade, Jaxon, Jill, Jordan, Joy, Julia, Kids Azure, Lindsay, Leggings (must be ordered as a 2-pack), Lola, Lucy, Lynnae, Madison, Mae, Mark, Maxi, Monroe, Nicole, Patrick, Perfect T, Randy, Sarah, Shirley, Sariah, Scarlett, Sloan [DISNEY COLLECTION: Disney Leggings (S/M, L/XL, Tween, OS, TC, TC2), Disney Amelia, Disney Carly, Disney Cassie, Disney Classic T, Disney Gigi, Disney Gracie, Disney Irma, Disney Julia, Disney Mae, Disney Perfect T, Disney Sloan, Disney Randy
Please check which applies to you! *
PRINT LIKES/DISLIKES- while we cannot promise anything, we would love to know a few print styles you love and also a few prints you dislike *
You understand that your membership will renew every month unless you contact us via our FB business page ( asking to cancel. All cancellations for the following month must be sent in prior to the end of the open enrollment for that month. In addition you can change your size and style from month to month by filling out this form during the next open enrollment period. *

Payment is within 24 hours from when we invoice- failure to pay results in removal from the program this month and no promotional emails sent. You also understand that ELITE is a mystery order so it can take a couple weeks from the time you sign up until you get your item as we need to wait for the shipment from LuLaRoe.

You understand that the print and fabric is 100% out of our control as these items are being specially ordered for you as a Mystery Warehouse order. If you chose an item that we carry in our boutique and you truly do not like it you can return it and get another item. The return shipping and the shipping of the new item will be your responsibility. If you chose an item we do not carry in our collection (which we really carry most all!) all sales are final. We will always do our absolute best to send you something you LOVE!
I understand that ELITE is month-to-month subscription and I will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month with my requested mystery item with expected payment within 24 hours, unless I state otherwise on the monthly ELITE roll call/reminder post in Beckie's VIP shopping group at that I no longer wish to be a member or that I'd like to CHANGE my mystery item!
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