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Continuum is proud to announce its inaugural one-day, teen-centric YA speculative fiction convention, YACon! It is something we have been brewing up for a while and are beyond excited about it and we want YOU to be a part of it!

We are encouraging all readers, writers, editors, bloggers at any stage of their journeys to not only be featured as panelists throughout YACon but, share their ideas for the events, topics and conversations that they want to be included within the convention.

Diversity, inclusivity and accessibility are core values for the YACon team, we want to offer participants from all unique experiences and backgrounds the chance to participate and engage with the convention!

Please note that all panel positions are voluntary, and as firm advocates for #TeensToTheFront, teens will be prioritised as panelists. If you are over 18, we definitely still want to hear from you!

Registration to be a YACon18 panellist will close 31st August, 2018.
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Do you have suggestions for panels not listed? (Go big! What do you want to talk about, bring to the convention or see discussed? Don’t be afraid to pitch something a bit outside of your comfort zone!)
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