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Concertina Band Players Information
This information will be shared with Claire Wren, Concertina Band Tutor for the WCCP Concertinas at Halsway 2018.
Any questions? You can contact Claire direct:
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This form is only to be completed by people who have booked a place on the Band Workshop strand of the WCCP Concertinas at Halsway Weekend. Please confirm that you have made a booking & paid a deposit: *
Band balance only works if enough people play lower pitch instruments; we ask that all players be prepared to play at least one line on a lower pitch instrument. With this in mind please tell us what instruments will you be bringing, and also what instruments you would be happy to lend to other players (thank you) and what instruments you are happy to play (including those which you don't own yourself). D/A - double action. S/A - single action. G Bass - lowest note G. C Bass - lowest note C.
Baritone D/A
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