Brave Kids Exchange and Contact Making Seminar
Brave Kids is a unique cultural-educational project founded in 2009 and dedicated to uniting children and youth from different parts of the world in an atmosphere of friendship, peace, and respect for each other’s arts and culture. During 3.5 weeks each summer, artistic groups of children come together in order to share their arts and cultures. The invited artistic groups come from different backgrounds: some from countries affected by humanitarian issues like a natural disaster, poverty, and political conflict and others from more stable backgrounds. Together, all children participate in artistic workshops based on the core "kids teach kids" model and work collaboratively to create a final performance that is presented to the public. Under the guidance of professional artistic instructors, young participants teach and lead each other, exchange ideas, skills, and approaches. Participants are supported to discover their own unique potential and value, which raises their confidence and aspirations. By collaborating with other young people from diverse backgrounds on a common creative project, participants develop their ability to communicate and learn to understand the difference and celebrate the common experience. This valuable and exciting artistic process nurtures the emotional and social development of its young participants, helping them to make steps towards positive transformation in their own lives and in their communities in the long-term. The first part of the project (two weeks) is organized simultaneously in a few cities: each city hosts four - five artistic groups of children, around 30 kids.

The Exchange and Contact Making Seminar is a meeting of organizations/institutions/individuals who are interested in getting to know the project, participating in next editions with their own group or organizing Brave Kids in their cities and countries.

During the seminar you will find out how to organize Brave Kids, learn know-how of the project, meet young people from all over the world participating in Brave Kids 2019 (participants and leaders), you will see Brave Kids Grand Finale Performance (7th of July) and find out how to join this exceptional project.

4th of July –8th of July (4th of July – arrival day; 8th of July – departure day)

Wrocław and Oborniki Śląskie, Poland.

The organizer covers the costs of the seminar. Participants cover the costs of transport, accommodation and catering. We can recommend a range of options for accommodations from 50 PLN per person per night in a shared apartment. We are happy to arrange your booking for you. For meals, you should plan on a minimum of 50 PLN per day for full board (organised with Brave Kids participants). There are many good restaurants and nearby grocery stores that we can recommend.

The seminar will be conducted in English.

For any additional queries or for further information about the Brave Kids Exchange and Contact Making Seminar, please write to:

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